Friday, April 3, 2015

Time Flies!

I feel like I've been taking two steps forward and three steps back this year, with it already being the fourth month HOLY SMOKES!!! Surely the clocks are spinning faster or something, cause it feels like I'm growing old faster than I can eat, drink and write (and be merry LOL!!)

On the writing front I'm hoping to hear news on Dimensional very soon - this is a 78k(ish) manuscript that is a cross between magical realism, contemporary, and time-travel romance. And probably straddles a few other genres too!

I'm also working on a secret project - all I can say is it's a short rural, but more news on that later!! =)

For now most of my energy and creativity has been directed toward Mutant Supreme - and this one is in first pov - loving the change! This story all started from a vivid dream, and I can honestly say it might be one of my fav stories to date. I'm heading toward 40k but I'm aiming for around 90k on this one, so it'd going to take me a good half year to finish it between my other projects!

Cathleen Ross, Christina Phillips and I are also hoping to do another boxed set soon - hoping we'll each find the month or two needed to get our stories done!

I'm leaving you now (again) with the gorgeous cover of my gargoyle stories - LOVE this so much!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winged & Dangerous

So pleased to share that my gargoyles series, Winged & Dangerous, is now in one boxed set and at the special price of 99c for just two weeks!  It's available at Amazon, Nook, and other great e-tailers!

Book One in the Winged & Dangerous series

Heiress Loretta Shaw is notorious for her loose morals and sexual needs. Trouble is, it’s taken her one too many one-night stands to realize that no man can extinguish the sexual fire she feels toward her guardian, Cray Diamond.
A long-ago curse made Cray immortal—a gargoyle, a guardian, who is impelled to protect a human chosen by the curse. He is imprisoned in stone during daylight hours but dusk returns him to flesh and bone to carry out his immortal duty.
That Cray can shift between human and living gargoyle at night bothers Loretta not one bit. She’s seen him naked many times and her desire for him—in any shape or form—knows no bounds. She’s tired of his resistance. He’s her gargoyle … and she wants him in her bed.

Book two in the Winged and Dangerous series.

Celeste has been having vivid sexual dreams starring Pascal Daniels. The son of a mobster, he is every woman’s most dangerous fantasy. Pascal leads a charmed life and can have any woman he wants, any time he wants her. Celeste is determined to have him—but just once. Because she has a secret she will fight tooth and nail to protect. She is human in every way but one—hideous bat-like wings, a permanent legacy from her once-cursed gargoyle father, Cray.
Pascal is used to attention from women, but he’s looking for someone special. He’s interested in the ice queen, Celeste Diamond. He thinks hers is the perfect female form, one he’d do anything to possess. Pascal has decided it’s way past time to warm up the mysterious, elusive Celeste.
And perhaps he’ll share some secrets of his own.

Book 3 in the Winged & Dangerous series.

A hot-blooded gargoyle, Zahlee knows that Steele, her gargoyle lover and leader of the Triskellon clan, is her perfect match in every way. But she burns for just one more touch from Saul, the human lover she left behind so many years ago. The same human she entrusted to raise and care for her son, Pascal—to keep him safe from the dangers of the gargoyle lifestyle.
Steele banishes Zahlee from the Triskellon clan and forces her to return to Saul and extinguish all yearning for her mortal ex. She quickly discovers a renewed lust for the only man she has ever loved. Their chemistry cannot be denied and combusts into a raging wildfire she never wants to end.
Zahlee yearns for happiness with her son and her human lover. A gargoyle must sacrifice much to live in the human world, but she is willing to give all for their love.

And Camilla, my contribution to the Secret Confessions: Sydney housewives is now out! Yeah!! Loved writing Camilla. And don't forget all eleven of these fab stories are available in Big W and Target in Australia.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yours to Explore!

I have another 'pretty' to add to the collection. This one is a bundle of the first three books in the 'Yours to..." stories, available now for pre-order on Amazon and released February 12th. If you haven't had a chance to read these yet this is the perfect opportunity.

It's 2202 and three ships are on their way to start a new colony, but the twelve-month trip on Earth Ship Siren is filled with its own dangers ... and desires.

Rita Songworth escaped the dying Earth by earning her place on the ES Siren as part of the hard-assed infantry. But her relationship with the malicious lieutenant Zane was doomed almost before it began, unlike her attraction to the gorgeous and highly forbidden prisoner, Tristan MacFallan.

Alex Tariel knew his only chance to get a place on ES Siren was as a prisoner, so he stole water rations. Instead of keeping his head down, he gets coerced into fighting in the rounds. Getting patched up by Sienna makes it worthwhile. Corporal Sienna Jade never expected to see with the man who tried to kill her again. Now Lieutenant Zane has her and Alex in his sights. While Sienna tries to keep control of her feelings for Alex, Alex would do anything to protect her, if only she'd let him.

When Lily Kwan does a dirty deal with the disgusting Andrew Zane, she shoots straight to the top of Master Sergeant Connor Madison's hit list of drug runners – and no one's tougher than the Siren's hard-eyed quartermaster. Nothing can save the geeky doctor now, not her family's money, nor her brilliant mind. Not even the smile in her eyes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cover Reveal: Ours to Share

Isn't this cover pretty! This is book eight of the nine book continuity (so far!) that reveals stories of peoples lives as they travel through space to reach the new, livable planet of Solitaire.

This is available for pre-order on Amazon, along with Ours to Save by Shona Husk and Ours to Embrace by Denise Rossetti. Remember the Yours to... and the Mine to... books are available now from all great e-tailers! 

More good news about this series coming soon...


If stealing from the rich to give to the poor is a crime, then Silo Warrick is a felon of the highest order.

A gifted horticulturist found guilty of stealing from the elite greenhouses, Silo is also an extraordinary musician, and therefore the perfect con to throw onboard the Earth Ship Siren. Though he's promised a fresh start on Solitaire, Silo's not about to believe his captors.

But his disgust of the elite is about to be challenged by highbrow lovers Cloey Pederson and Jasmine Hewitt. They aren't the arrogant and superior snobs Silo has learned to hate, even though trusting them is a whole ballpark out of his league.

One woman might whet Silo's carnal appetite; two is cause for all his wet dreams to come true. But are Cloey and Jasmine double the trouble or twice as nice?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cover Reveal! MOON THRALL

Loving my cover for my paranormal romance novella, Moon Thrall. This story is available now from Amazon, Smashwords and all great e-tailers!

Elyse Wellston escapes from her brutal, violent ex-fiance to a remote cabin in Australia. Fearing for her life, Elyse knows it doesn’t make sense for her to react the way she does upon meeting the enigmatic Dane Maddox.
Only when she discovers he is a werewolf and she is his weren—his mate and a werewolf herself—does she begin to understand the hot, sexual yearning within. No longer does she need to act out a desire she doesn’t feel. Dane is everything she wants. But will her ex end her happiness and her sexual fulfillment before it even has a chance to begin?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Writing Goals for 2015!

2014 was a pretty full-on year, and except for family time, I have no intention this year of slowing down - unless I need to occasionally smell the roses *g*

The next ES Siren book, Ours to Share, will be released early this year (eek, I'm nowhere near finished it!) If you love menage stories I'm hoping you'll enjoy this one =)

It looks like Dimensional has found a publisher. I have some revisions for that before sending it back into my editor, so I'm hoping it will be released mid-late 2015. This one is a 75k book, and very different to my erotic works. Think fantasy crossed with paranormal crossed with time travel (ish) contemporary... hmm. 

Harlequin Escape will be also releasing my short story, Camilla! This is the 2nd last book in the Sydney Housewives anthology, where secrets reign!

I will also be working on another boxed set with Cathleen Ross and Christina Phillips - we have such fun on these and work really well together. We're talking of a motorcycle gang Yeah!!

There's also a pretty big chance Shona Husk, Denise Rossetti and I will be writing another ES Siren story - these will be on the new world of Solitaire - go us!!

If I get time - I'll make time! - I have a story I really need to get down. It involves a heroine who is unlucky enough to have the same disease my eldest daughter suffers from ... I'll have more about this when I finally get some of it down on paper (or screen).

Looks like my other partials will have to wait that bit longer now to be finished! LOL. 

... and the moment I get my cover finalized, I'll be re-releasing Moon Thrall. LOVE this cover!

Whatever you are all doing, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed 2015 =)))))


Monday, December 29, 2014

99c ebook deal!

Don't forget that Taken by the Sheikh is still at the incredibly low price of 99c - grab it while you can! That's three stories (around 80k) for the price of one short story!! And we've had some incredible reviews already - Seven 5 star reviews on Amazon, and a 4 star. 

Here's our latest review:

I fell in love with this anthology on the first page, and didn`t put it down until I finished all three stories. Teshco had me completely hooked. I was on the edge of my seat through her entire, well written, captivating tale. Phillips` story was comically priceless and romantically satisfying. She also broke my heart and then mended it with an emotional rollercoaster. Ross wraps up this triad with the perfect ending. She wraps up the loose ends in a romantic, yet exasperating, tale. The stories, written by these three separate authors, mesh together fantastically into an unforgettable whole.

The separate stories in this novel being about three brothers makes them that much better. Readers really get a sense of who the characters are and where they come from. Also, the three different writing styles suit their respective stories perfectly, highlighting the couples within.

This is definitely a must read for all lovers of romance. It can easily be read as three fantastic novellas, or together as an absolutely unforgettable novel.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. 

~Pure Jonel

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Taken by the Sheikh

I wanted to share an excerpt of the first book - Hostage to the Sheikh. The entire boxed set is available Christmas Day for Amazon buyers but up now at Barnes and Noble, ARe and other good e-tailers.

Chapter One

Lexi Galvin stifled yet another yawn. The monotone voice of the university professor who rambled on and on would soon have her in a coma. She glanced at the wall clock and squirmed. Tonight was the night, and she could barely wait. But although it was the last class of the day, it seemed as though the lecture would never end.
In every school and university she’d attended—and there’d been many—she’d never been a top-of-the-class student or ever really fitted in. Her short attention span incapacitated her at the best of times and she just wasn’t equipped to care too much beyond the next week.
She was a live-in-the-moment kind of girl and right then all that filled her mind was the fact that today she was twenty-one and would never see that milestone again. She should be out celebrating, not pretending to care about the psychology of top sports stars.
Her mother despaired over Lexi’s wild side. But Lexi figured since she’d stayed at a number of universities these last four years to please her, even though it felt as if something slowly withered within at the restriction, then she’d more than compromised.
The professor had barely ended his lecture when Lexi swiped up her unopened textbooks and bounded to her booted feet, the other students following suit.
“Lexi, may I have a moment of your time?” the professor asked drily, one sandy-colored brow arching.
She gritted her teeth in what she hoped passed for a smile, before thrusting aside a wayward strand of her upswept hair. Guess she shouldn’t have expected brunette warmth or blonde coolness when her untamable, fiery red-gold hair matched her temperament perfectly.
She resisted hopping from foot to foot while other students surged past, chattering about the coming night’s activities. Damn. She wanted nothing more than to share in their excitement. It wasn’t just her birthday, it was the end of the week. Friday night was party night, but that wasn’t the only reason her whole body quivered with anticipation.
Harley would be meeting her later and she was determined she wouldn’t put off his advances any longer. She was twenty-one and wanted to be a woman in every way. He could have just about any girl he wanted, Lord only knew they threw themselves at him at any opportunity. His blond Adonis good looks along with his family’s money and a future career in law were apparently irresistible.
Guess she’d taken a little longer to see his appeal.
But he’d had enough of her flirting and she didn’t really blame him. Tonight her teasing would progress into foreplay and then…
She shivered. Tonight, she’d discover just what passion she was capable of.
Even her mother would be surprised to know she was still a virgin.
Deep down Lexi had harbored the hope her first lover would be someone truly amazing. As much as she enjoyed Harley’s company, she wasn’t convinced the world would shift the moment she was underneath him. But she’d come to the conclusion that what she yearned for wasn’t probable and it was beyond time to let go of her dreams and embrace reality.
“Is everything all right with you, Lexi?”
 The professor’s now husky voice dragged her out of her daydream. “Everything is fine,” she said, before blinking and adding sweetly, “or will be once I get out of here and let my hair down.”
He frowned at her, though he was anything but intimidating. He was no more than a decade older than she and yet to master the arrogance he was clearly gunning for, despite the fact he was also the football coach and could bench press weights with the best of his team. “I hate that I’m taking up your valuable social time, but I’ve wanted to catch up with you for some time now.”
Despite her frustration at being kept back, her inner vixen broke into a purr. “Oh?”
It was strange how attuned she was with her body since deciding to take the final step and give up her innocence. Her every thought centered on sex, as though her brain was hardwired to some late night porn channel.
The professor’s blue eyes flared. “I want to get to the bottom of why you’re having so much trouble with this subject.”
Just this subject?
She couldn’t resist an inelegant snort. “I’m sure I’m not the only student to raise a red flag.”
“No, you’re not. But I care about you…your grades,” he said hoarsely, as though the fact pained him. “You’re a shining light, far brighter than you pretend.”
Oh, she knew she wasn’t stupid. Her mind raced a million miles an hour at its most placid. It’s why sleep had never come easy. It was another reason she loved to party and expend at least a little of her energy.
She sucked in a shaky breath, her body heating up from the inside out. Soon she’d find out if sharing a bed would be the solution to her insomnia.
“Why professor, I believe you really do care.” She stepped toward him with a little smile, pushed onto her tiptoes and slanted her mouth across his in a kiss that was nothing short of chaste. It didn’t stop his whole body from stiffening, most especially his cock going by the sudden bulge pressing against her belly.
She pulled back with a hot, tingling face. Dear god, what had gotten into her? She’d barely even kissed Harley let alone one of her lecturers. Never mind that half the girls in the professor’s psychology class had wet panties when he so much as looked their way, she wouldn’t be the one doing extra curriculum workouts between the sheets.
“I’m sorry.” She pressed a shaky hand to her mouth, even as she resisted tugging down her cut-off top that bared her midriff.  “It might be my birthday but I…I shouldn’t have done that.”
Heaven help her, she was a fool. She’d instigated something forbidden, something not even close to what she wanted.
But once again she’d acted on impulse, and once again she had no doubt it’d get her into trouble. The professor’s interest might well develop into something far more invested now she’d made the first move.
The professor’s eyes didn’t leave her mouth. “Happy birthday, Lexi.”
 “Thanks.” She cleared her throat. “And, um, thanks too for looking out for me. But I really have to go.” She swung away and headed for the nearest set of doors.
“Lexi, wait.” The professor’s voice cracked with need.
She walked faster, feeling his eyes on her every step of the way. It was just a little, spontaneous kiss, she told herself, nothing to feel guilty about.
Yeah, right.
She scraped a hand over her face. Was she already subconsciously trying to sabotage her night ahead?
She shivered, but it was no longer guilt or even the professor’s stare that caused the reaction. She rubbed at her arms and glanced around the empty lecture hall. Her imagination must be getting the better of her, though Lord only knew this wasn’t the first time she’d experienced the prickling sensation of being watched.
This past week in particular she’d had a heightened awareness of something not quite right and she’d been feeling a little more restless and on edge than usual.
Still, she’d managed to brush the feeling aside. This time though, her senses screamed danger. She sucked in a breath and turned back to the professor, searching for him with quiet desperation. Fuck. He was gone now too, evidently taking the side door allotted to the lecturers.
That was when she heard the lightest footfall.
Too late.
A hand clapped over her mouth as impossibly strong arms held her still. Her textbooks crashed to the ground and her heart raced in a frantic gallop as she fought to breathe through her nose. Though each of her breaths was shallow, the man’s rich, exotic scent permeated the air and filled her entire being.
Every instinct told her that he wasn’t British. But even as dread filled her from the inside out, she knew better than to fight. The man was foreign and dangerous, and she had a frightening suspicion he was about as unpredictable as a man could get.
“Scream and I’ll make sure you don’t wake until the desert dust fills your nostrils.”

Monday, December 8, 2014

Shadow Hunter

I've been a bit slack on the blogging front lately, so I thought I'd share a snippet from my longer length novel, Shadow Hunter, available at Amazon, B&N and all good e-tailers =)

Kyra Delano sipped from her glass of whiskey on the rocks, savoring the sharp burn on her tongue and the chill of ice melting in its wake.
The heady fumes assailed her acute sense of smell and removed her for a moment from stale cigarette smoke, old beer spills and sweat—a prerequisite for every Sydney nightclub she’d visited this last month.
She took another sip of whiskey, but this time it failed to ease the tension within. She shouldn’t be here. The risk was too high. She broke every shadow hunter rule by coming into the nightclub when she should be waiting outside in the darkness, hidden and ready to attack.
She stared into the mirrored wall behind the bar, which displayed the dance floor and the crowd of gyrating humans. All her instincts jangled alert. She’d stay a few minutes more. Her target was here. She just needed to wait it out.
Then she’d give into her bloodlust.   
A figure in the crowd caught her eye. Her senses sharpened.
Altair Delano.
Not exactly the monster she had hoped to eliminate, despite his changed DNA.
Her fingers clenched before she tossed back the remainder of her drink and slammed it onto the pitted bar. She turned in her spiked, knee-high boots to face the dance floor.
Striding forward, she brushed past a smooth, suit-and-tie man who’d wasted his breath the last ten minutes with his unoriginal pick-up lines. She smiled without humor. Another time, another place, perhaps she’d have taken advantage of his interest and overcome her unnatural aversion to drinking blood.
Except that would also mean the possibility of surrendering to her vampire needs and fucking the human too, and that was the one thing she just couldn’t do. Had never done. Sucking blood and sex might go hand-in-hand, but she’d never been like other vampires and she wasn’t about to start now.
 Rock music jarred her sensitive ears and light strobes dazzled her vision as she pushed her way through the dancing throng, but her attention remained on her target.
He all but lounged against the far wall, a svelte blonde woman pressed against him. A large splayed hand rested on the woman’s bared waist as she stood on tiptoe, trailing kisses across the base of his throat, her fingers twined through his rumpled, midnight hair.
His head lifted, his brilliant stare pinpointing Kyra before a smile spread across his beautiful face. A face she’d once thought she’d known so well.
Her eyes narrowed even as all breath stilled in her lungs. Altair was no longer her husband, her mate. He’d discarded her. Abandoned and betrayed her. All he was to her now was her next mission.         
The music abruptly changed. She paused, then raised her arms and tossed back her head to expose her throat. Her tied-back, ebony hair brushed past her waist as she slowly swiveled her hips with instinctive, sensual moves that Altair would be unable to ignore.
Her eyes met his glowing amber stare.
If you want me, come and get me.
She arched her spine, her hands drifting past her tight midriff top and across her bared belly as her hips continued to undulate to the pulsing sound. The tempo increased. Bass and drums swelled until an orchestra, unexpected and violent, pulsed with its own brand of passion.
Kyra allowed the music to engulf her, become part of her psyche. Altair would be compelled to join her, to dance with the woman who’d once been his mate.
She sensed his approach even before one of his hands seized her upper arm, pulling her against him.
“It’s been too long, my love,” his velvet voice purred against her ear.
Two years, one month and three days, you bastard! But who’s counting?
His thumbs caressed the smooth line of her barely there leather miniskirt. “Outrageous as always,” Altair said with a satisfied smirk. “But then, have you ever worn panties?”
“Cumbersome things, don’t you think?” She kept her voice light, halted a purr of rapture at his closeness even as her gut twisted as though a knot.
Definitely not a monster…not yet.
 He was a mastermind at reading people, but if he was aware of her mixed emotions he didn’t let on. Instead he took charge on the floor, their bodies swaying with timed, sinuous grace.
She swallowed a curse, hating that he still had the power to affect her. Her pulse raced, her body trembling as his hands dropped lower still and cupped her leather-clad backside.
“If you say so,” he said huskily, his brilliant stare alight with intelligence and unconcealed obsession. “Either that or it’s my lucky day.”
He dipped her back before she could make a scathing reply, her hair brushing the floor when he swept her into a semi-circle before drawing her erect, their faces inches apart.
“Actually, I think your luck just ran out,” she hissed, then immediately swallowed a groan as he jerked her snug against him. His arousal strained against her exposed belly, his faint notes of citrus spice teasing her senses and causing her incisors to emerge.
He arched a dark brow. “I’m a predator like you, the top of the food chain.” His breath teased her ear. “I’m not that easy to execute.”

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cover Reveal!

Thrilled to show off the cover art for Taken by the Sheikh, with fabulous authors Cathleen Ross and Christina Phillips. These three stories are interlinked by three sheikh brothers. Got to love some alpha males!! This will be a Christmas release at .99c for a limited time. Keep your eye out for them! =))

Three desert Sheikhs. Three captive brides…

Bound by duty to honor their father’s dying wish, three royal brothers must marry their destined brides… by whatever means necessary…

Book 1: Hostage to the Sheikh ~ Mel Teshco
Sheikh Shahzad Salah al Din doesn’t have time for hearts and flowers, not when his parents’ bodies are barely even cold in their graves and his country, Omana, is on the brink of revolt. He has to secure peace by honoring a long ago arrangement to make English rose, Lexi Galvin, his wife. The trouble is strong-willed Lexi isn’t aware of her royal Arab lineage let alone her destiny. There is only one way Shahzad can guarantee she will be his queen … and he isn’t above using force to get it.

Book 2: The Sheikh’s Mistaken Bride ~ Christina Phillips

In order to secure a powerful alliance for his country, Khalid has no choice but to marry a neighboring princess. It’s not what he wants, but duty must come before pleasure. Yet when he meets the beautiful Sanura he changes his mind… only to discover the virgin in his bed is not his destined bride.

Book 3: Sold to the Sheikh ~ Cathleen Ross

He’d paid a fortune for his bride and he was determined to collect, whether she liked it or not.