Monday, November 29, 2010

word count...but whose counting!??

I managed over 1000 words on my alien novel for EC today - which just out of interest, my mother read the first three chapters of (long story, but it was *not* meant to happen).  I also wrote just under 1000 words for my co-written book, Believe.
These two books couldn't be more different. My alien book (working title: Abducted) is possibly my sexiest book yet with three hero's and one heroine. 
Believe has no sex scenes whatsoever, and possibly won't-though it definately won't be marketed as an inspirational.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Pick

Thanks to Eaim of  Night Owl Review for the top pick award for Ice-Cold Lover! It's always fantastic to read a positive review, a bonus to get a 4.5 star rating =)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've almost finished Burning Up, where four authors pen four very
different and very hot paranormal stories. These include a vampire warrior, a psy changeling, and finfolk. (Yet to read the last story by Meljean Brook)
I particularly enjoyed Angela Knight's 'blood rose' heroine and the vampire warrior knight.

 Poison kissed is Erica Hayes take on the Fey world. With a banshee heroine and a snake shifter hero, it makes for a really different story. Along with a vivid, rich and believable world you can really sink into, I really enjoyed this book.

 I've only read a few chapters of this book, but WOW. Joey really knows how to engage the senses and pull a person into the story. Can't wait to finish this one, where a reclusive dominant hero crosses from the online world into the real one when he meets his online submissive.

 Ral's woman was a great story on one alien's love for his earth woman. The alien hero is willing to do anything (in any position) to protect his heroine. Some really cool world building and hot loving =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moon Thrall and Updates

Moon Thrall has been accepted by Ellora's Cave!!!! YAY!! Originally a Nocturne Bites story, I'd gone too far out of their guidelines (I knew this, so wasn't surprised) - and realized it was easier to add roughly another 5K to the story to make it a novella sized Ellora's Cave story, than do rewrites which would have changed the whole concept between the hero and heroine =)
I sent the cover request form off for it this morning - and I can't wait to see what the art department come up with!!! Think seeing the cover for the first time is my favourite part of the book coming out.
Hope to start on any revisions soon =)

In the meantime, I finished off what I hope will be a Bites shape shifter story, something I managed in 2 weeks - so I know I *can* write fast when I want to. (not from a bad typing speed, I just like to go back and check each paragraph as I go, a habit sooo hard to get out of!!)

In the next few days I'll post up some books I've read lately too, which I've really enjoyed reading =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One More Review...

Ice-Cold Lover got another lovely review, as did Stone-Cold Lover, this time from ParaNormal Roamnce Reviews. Thanks Karen, for those recommendations!!
I've posted part of ICL review below, the rest can be found at: ParaNormal Romance Reviews.

This is the second story in Ms. Tescho's Gargoyle series. She has a way of bringing her characters alive with emotion and a heart wrenching need to be wanted and loved. Another fast paced tantalizing romance to add to your list of must read tales! I also recommend Stone Cold Lover. Both stories stand alone, but you don't want to miss Celeste's. 

This is a fast paced story with a tantalizing romance, suspense and non-stop action. You will fall in love with honor bound Cray, who hates the way his body transforms into the hideous Gargoyle, and you'll feel for Loretta and understand how a life changing event left her scared on the inside.
This is a fabulous book of tortured souls who need each other to heal. Highly Recommended. Don't miss the second book of this series: Ice Cold Lover.

For more of this review: ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Win ebooks at Dark Siders!

I'm over at the Dark Siders blog today, where shape shifters have been on my mind. I'm also giving away three of my ebooks!
Hope you'll come say hello =)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Procrastination for a good cause

Yes - I'm procrastinating!! But I've conquered level 41 and now it's time to WRITE!!! If you want to play this free word game while donating grains of rice to world hunger - go to

Monday, November 1, 2010

Free Story!

Yay!!! My free read DISCOVERING SOFIA is out!! It's a short 'cougar' read (older woman/younger man) with the hero an adventurous hitchhiker and the heroine a slightly bitter (g) divorcee.
Click on the title to download or read excerpt - and enjoy!

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