Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Writer Buddy Wednesday! FREE BOOK!

The lovely Eleni Konstantine has decided to feature her writing buddies and their books on her blog - Eleni's Taverna.  She has kick started the idea off with me! =)) Thanks Eleni!!! - And I'm offering any one of my ebooks as a prize to one commentator who goes over to  her blog and says hello! =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stone-Cold Lover

I'm over at the Lovecats blog today with a kiss excerpt from my very first published book Stone-Cold Lover. Come over for a read and make a comment/say hi to be in the draw for a free ebook! =)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quotes that Resonate

I haven't posted any quotes for some time...so here's some that resonate with me =)

A perfectly healthy sentence, it is true, is extremely rare. For the most part we miss the hue and fragrance of the thought; as if we could be satisfied with the dews of the morning or evening without their colors, or the heavens without their azure.  
~Henry David Thoreau

Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing. 
~Norman Mailer 

After all, most writing is done away from the typewriter, away from the desk. I'd say it occurs in the quiet, silent moments, while you're walking or shaving or playing a game, or whatever, or even talking to someone you're not vitally interested in.
~Henry Miller

Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood.
~Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Friday, July 15, 2011

Release Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's release day for Galactic Burn today!! And yes, I'm just a little bit excited! I only hope everyone who reads it enjoys it! =))))

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Places of Mystery...Places with a Past

I'm talking about places of mystery...places with a past over at the Lovecats blog today. Love to hear your thoughts.

And don't forget I'm over at Ju Dimello's blog, with a free ebook giveaway! Love to see you there =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giveaway of Galactic Burn

I've been interviewed at the lovely Ju Dimello's blog today, and offering a giveaway of Galactic Burn (or any back list title) to one commentator. Love to see you there! =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

To Do List

At the beginning of the year I had a To Do List, writing related things I really wanted to achieve for 2011. Well the year is half over and I felt compelled to go back and see how I was fairing!! Not too badly so far..but could be better.

Here's my list - and responses so far (will have to update at end of year)

Finish my co-authored single title, Believe, find an agent and a contract (All finished. I've sent a Query Letter to some agents, but have to do some more research and send out to some more.)

Write and publish the last novella of my gargoyle series, Winged & Dangerous. (Revising that right now)

Release another Bites story for 2011, and perhaps write a series. (I eventually wrote a Cravings - which is now elsewhere. I'm 7k into another story that should be more suitable!)

Finish my Ellora's Cave ms tentativly titled "Brothers of the Otherworld". (This one is released on the 15th of this month and renamed Galactic Burn. Very excited!)

Start work again on my single title ms "Dimensional" I began early 2010 (Had a very short bout on this book, really itching to start on it again soon)

Rework Shadow Hunter, which has been sitting idly since those comp wins/finals, and decide where it belongs, if anywhere. (This was my first ms and I'm not sure it fits anywhere without extensive work...might have to put off this one for another year *g*)

Choose one of my many 'just started' projects from over the years, and finish it!! (I found a really cool chapter of an old ms that should make a great Cravings or EC story and am 7k in...*see above*)

Wish me luck!!! =))

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TRAILER: Darklight on the Darksiders!

The amazingly talented Eleni Konstantine put this trailer together for the Darksiders Downunder bloggers. Thanks so much Eleni, you're a star!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

GALACTIC BURN: release date & blurb

I'm so excited to announce July 15th is the release date of my short alien novel GALACTIC BURN.  (click title to read excerpt) This one is written under the line Futuristic/SciFi, so it's a little bit different to the paranormal and contemporary stories I've had published so far (not to mention the two extra heroes...)

I can only hope everyone enjoys the story! =)


Humans have been almost wiped out. Only a few females are recovering from the devastation. The same deadly virus annihilated the female population of a mighty alien nation and their three kings—Dar, Ezra and Maddox—are looking for one special female, Lillian, to capture and seduce.
Though Lillian survived, she has no memory and struggles with the fact that three alien men have become her lovers. One by one, they take her, make her burn for release and satisfy her every sexual need. She craves their touches, their kisses, their comforting embraces while forming strong emotional bonds with each. Lillian is falling for her sexy aliens and agrees to become their life mate in a special ceremony—her three males will make love to Lillian as all the surviving alien males watch.
But, as the ceremony nears, Lillian begins to remember. The aliens lied and covered up the horrible truth. Their happy, new life together might not be possible after all.

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