Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wicked In Print

February 6th the SWTWC anthology is coming out in print!!!! Yes, I'm a tad excited - it's my first print book =))))

Friday, January 27, 2012

Something Wicked...

There's been lots of great reviews for this anthology, but I couldn't resist putting up one more 5 star review from Romance Writers Reviews.

WOW! Love these stories, Scorching Hot and Super sexy! Each one was unique, but equally enjoyable…a great collection!

Captain of Nara’s Heart. This book had a very different storyline, very interesting. Characters were amazing; the chemistry between the characters was fantastic. The story was extremely well written; the author grabs your attention from first page and holds it until the last!

Dragon Heat. Love the characters, and storyline. The story had a perfect amount of suspense that kept the story very interesting. This story takes you on a very different journey, and you just don’t know what will happen until the very end.

Dangerous Addiction. HOT HOT HOT with lots of sexy details! The story is sexy and sweet with a positive message about finding happiness again, even after a bad experience.

Highland Tryst. Certainly not a typical romance story, characters were far fetch, but surprisingly almost believable. The story was sweet, interesting and very funny. It was interesting to compare our lifestyle to that of many many years ago.

Tattoo Witch. The story was Interesting and held my attention the entire time. It was a very hot and sexy. You just didn’t know what was going to happen. I certainly couldn’t predict what happened at the end…but was very happy with the ending.

The Addiction. I enjoyed this story very much; it was sweet, with an ending that will melt your heart.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer: Wanda

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


After buying the full series of Dexter last Christmas, I'm totally blown away by the show, the skill of the writers, the amazing actors and most especially by 'Dexter' himself. He hides behind the mask of an unassuming blood splatter expert, while inside he feels no emotions and is a cold-blooded killer raised by his law enforcement stepdad to 'take care' of  the people who don't deserve the oxygen they breathe.
Wow. What a premise! And just watching everything come undone around him before he somehow escapes the net that almost traps him as the 'true' killer, is just amazing.
I adore this show and if I had to rate it I would definitely give it a 10 out of 10 and a 'highly recommend to watch'

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Excerpt : Identity Shift (Part 1)

 (Cover by Helzcat Designs)
        Guns ‘N’ Roses blared from inside nondescript apartment fourteen. She took a deep, calming breath as adrenaline surged within. She had him. At last her quarry was within reach. She raised a fist and hammered on the flimsy, peeling wooden door.
The music shut down. A baby wailed a few apartments down, a small dog yapping into life inside another. Heavy footsteps approached from the other side of the door.
One word. One deep, masculine, primal intonation.
Her pulses jerked in response, her nipples beading tight beneath her black leather jacket and tight burgundy singlet.
If this is what he could do to a woman with one monosyllable behind a closed door, she could only imagine what he could do with a whole sentence, and up close and personal.
She cursed under her breath. She’d clearly been too long without a man, someone to ease the heavy ache of her breasts, the deep throb between her thighs. Just as well she wanted nothing more from him than answers.
 Hesitating for a beat, she asked, “Mr. Powell?”
A long pause. “Maybe.”
Impatience drummed a loud tattoo behind her skull. A migraine was all she needed right now!
“I’m here on behalf of my father. He is—“ she swallowed back a wave of bitter loss and grief was an archaeologist. You may have heard of him? Professor Thomas Leigh.” At the thick, almost suffocating silence that followed she continued more loudly, “He believed in the existence of human-panther shape-shifters—”
Her sentence ended on a startled gasp as the door flung open and she was jerked unceremoniously inside.
“Enough already,” Blake growled.
She hissed out a breath at the current of electricity sizzling through her arm’s every nerve ending; at the cheek of him dragging her inside. She tugged free, and looked up...and up.
Beneath scruffy dark jeans and a white t-shirt, the man was a mountain of fluid muscle and sinew, repressed energy that vibrated with emotion and patently raw sex appeal.
“Are you mad?” she said through gritted teeth. “All I wanted was a civilized discussion, not to be dragged inside like I’m nothing more than a cave woman!”
He slammed the door shut behind her and pushed home a large bolt. When he peeled off his dark sunglasses—ludicrous inside the near dark room lit only by a naked bulb—she took an involuntary step back. His eyes were an unnatural gold-yellow. Beautiful, but deadly.
She sucked in some oxygen, forcing a calm she didn’t feel. Damn it all to hell, he really was sinfully delicious, with more vague hints of darkness beneath his honey-warm skin that tantalized and teased even as it repelled.
“I know who you are,” he said.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm just now finishing the last couple of pages - 500 words or so - to my 2nd book in the Alien Hunger story, tentatively titled Galactic Inferno. I totally love this story and think what some readers didn't like in the first one, they'll love in this one BWG!! 
After this is handed in, hopefully tomorrow!! I'm going to concentrate on the single title story - it will be finished this year. I've also started on a long length new series with a group of shape shifters - can't wait!!!!
Now...back to my last few pages with Nickleback blaring me into the finale LOL! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Unexplainable Healing

I'm over at the Darksiders blog talking about "unexplainable healing" and giving away a PDF copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes. Come say hello! =))

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

USA Today Review for Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's been so great to see some brilliant reviews for this anthology, and I'm stoked to be part of it with some even more brilliant authors =)

USA Today posted a very cool review for the book. Here is what reviewer, Lea Franczak said about Dragon Heat:

Dragon Heat by Mel Teshco is a paranormal romance about Grace Macintosh who is a top agent with the Paranormal Detection Agency. Grace is sent on a mission to apprehend Benson Marres, a billionaire recluse, suspected of being a rare dragon shifter (a Kezmak). Benson is a known womanizer, and Grace poses as a high-class prostitute to gain access to his penthouse.
I quite liked Teshco's characterization of Grace and Benson. The former is haunted by a troubled past, and the later is the last of his kind, struggling to survive. As it turns out, Benson knows what Grace is up to, having orchestrated her involvement in the mission. These two are inexorably drawn together by an instinctual need to mate. You see, unknown to Grace, she is a rare Kezmak breeder, and Benson needs her if there is any hope for the survival of his species.
Teshco weaves an intriguing subplot of manipulation and betrayal into this short story, which I felt was extremely well-crafted. Grace and Benson must flee for their lives from a skilled, highly trained enemy who is bent on their capture for nefarious purposes. Readers can expect plenty of action sequences, a very seductive dragon shifter and hot love scenes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Music & Writing.

I go through stages with my writing where certain songs and/or bands helps me to push forward with my writing. (And then of course there's the times I need absolute silence to let the muse loose.)

For the last few books I've been having a Breaking Benjamin fest, I especially love their song, So Cold. And I just can't go past Muse, adore these guys. Most especially Bliss, Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, Resistance, Hysteria... the list goes on. But I should add my very favourite song from Muse: Unintended. I could sit and listen to that over and over (and have for this book lol!) OMG - LOVE their music =)
What bands/songs do you like? Any recommendations?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laurann hits NYT Best Selling rank!

A huge congrats to friend and fellow EC author, Laurann Dohner for hitting the New York Times & USA Today bestseller lists with BRAWN!!! A first for any EC author and a HUGE achievement that couldn't have happened to a nicer person. 
So proud of you Laurann!! =))

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Identity Shift, review

Out of curiosity I decided a few months ago to join the long queue of authors to have a go at self publishing. I have little doubt IDENTITY SHIFT will be my only Indie book (aside from an anthology with other authors) but it was an interesting experience to say the least! (BTW, if anyone else loves the cover as much as I do and are looking for a cover or banner, check out HelzKat designs. She's very affordable.)

I've been very happy with the five stars I've seen on Goodreads and now a 4 star rating from Yadkney of Night Owl Reviews! Thank you =))


Action-packed, dangerous, sexy, and romantic – with words like those you'll definitely want to check out this new short by Mel Teshco.

Ducati riding, leather-clad Alexia is about to go on the ride of her life after leaving her father's burial service. The misgivings and unanswered questions surrounding her father's apparent suicide, drive her to hunt down the one man she knows can set the public memory of her father to rights. One look at Blake is all it takes to change everything, but before she can get answers they must first dodge the bullets being aimed at them.

After reading an excerpt, I was definitely excited to dive right in to this story only to be stopped a bit short by the page length. Ms. Teshco packs a lot into this story, but perhaps more length would've better fleshed out the characters and their individual stories. Regardless, it is enjoyable and leaves me wanting more of these characters, so my hope is that Ms. Teshco has plans to continue this story. If readers like their paranormal romance with a healthy dose of mystery and an instantaneous whirlwind romance, then this story is a must read!


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