Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cover Reveal! MOON THRALL

Loving my cover for my paranormal romance novella, Moon Thrall. This story is available now from Amazon, Smashwords and all great e-tailers!

Elyse Wellston escapes from her brutal, violent ex-fiance to a remote cabin in Australia. Fearing for her life, Elyse knows it doesn’t make sense for her to react the way she does upon meeting the enigmatic Dane Maddox.
Only when she discovers he is a werewolf and she is his weren—his mate and a werewolf herself—does she begin to understand the hot, sexual yearning within. No longer does she need to act out a desire she doesn’t feel. Dane is everything she wants. But will her ex end her happiness and her sexual fulfillment before it even has a chance to begin?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Writing Goals for 2015!

2014 was a pretty full-on year, and except for family time, I have no intention this year of slowing down - unless I need to occasionally smell the roses *g*

The next ES Siren book, Ours to Share, will be released early this year (eek, I'm nowhere near finished it!) If you love menage stories I'm hoping you'll enjoy this one =)

It looks like Dimensional has found a publisher. I have some revisions for that before sending it back into my editor, so I'm hoping it will be released mid-late 2015. This one is a 75k book, and very different to my erotic works. Think fantasy crossed with paranormal crossed with time travel (ish) contemporary... hmm. 

Harlequin Escape will be also releasing my short story, Camilla! This is the 2nd last book in the Sydney Housewives anthology, where secrets reign!

I will also be working on another boxed set with Cathleen Ross and Christina Phillips - we have such fun on these and work really well together. We're talking of a motorcycle gang Yeah!!

There's also a pretty big chance Shona Husk, Denise Rossetti and I will be writing another ES Siren story - these will be on the new world of Solitaire - go us!!

If I get time - I'll make time! - I have a story I really need to get down. It involves a heroine who is unlucky enough to have the same disease my eldest daughter suffers from ... I'll have more about this when I finally get some of it down on paper (or screen).

Looks like my other partials will have to wait that bit longer now to be finished! LOL. 

... and the moment I get my cover finalized, I'll be re-releasing Moon Thrall. LOVE this cover!

Whatever you are all doing, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed 2015 =)))))


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