Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Books of the Month/s and November reads

I'm playing catch up after computer problems, so here are my *two* picks for November & December.

Erica Hayes debut novel Shadowfae - the first book in the shadowfae chronicles - was a brilliant read, the unwordly imagery vivid and almost jumping off the pages. A succubus heroine enslaved by a demon lord and an incubus hero suffering the same fate...are these lovers willing to sacrifice anything, including each other, for their freedom?

Tracey's debut book, Night's Cold Kiss, is a tension-filled journey through the eyes of heroine, Antoinette. Years after watching her mother die at the hands of a vampire, she burns with the need for revenge and becomes an elite venator trained to kill Necrodreniacs - vampires addicted to death highs. That she is attracted to Christian, her rescuer and a sexy vampire Aeternus who hunts Dreniacs too, fills her with rage.

November Reads:
Over the Edge: Suzanne Brockmann
The Rebel King: Melissa James
Hotter than Hell: Keri Arthur, Susan Krinard, L.A Banks, Marjorie M Lui


Christina Phillips said...

I loved Tracey's book, and can't wait to read Erica's!

Mel Teshco said...

They're both such great reads! And you'll love Erica's!

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