Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kreative Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Christina Phillips and Hetal Petal for passing this luverly award onto me!! All I have to do now is think of seven fun/interesting things about myself (drums fingers and scratches head) before passing it along to seven others!
Well, here goes...

1- I'd quite happily live as a vegetarian and never see another animal slaughtered for our needs. (though admittedly I succumb now and then)

2- Before I had children I rode one of my two horses at least two to three hours everyday - didn't matter if it was through the mountains or alongside the main road - it was my passion before writing (and my gorgeous kids) overtook it.

3- At present I have eight cats, four of which are kittens I'm having trouble giving up

4- I often daydream about having enough money to hire a house cleaner - then realise I'd only stick on another couple of kilos by being too lazy

5- In summer I swim laps at 5am at the local pool (not as often as I should) kinda makes the pool in my backyard obsolete LOL

6- my mother immigrated to Australia with her sister and parents from Germany, living in a tent and then a shed for some years

7- I was seriously introverted when I was young, a sensitivity that worsened with all the packing up and moving we done as I grew up.

okay thanks again - I think!! - Christina and Hetal. Wow. That was seriously hard!! And now in no particular order and to whomever of the following would like to participate, I choose:

Becca J.Heath
Ramblings of a Romance Writing Mama
Midnight Confessions
Eleni's Taverna
Kylie Griffin


Cathryn Brunet said...

You did really well, Mel. Those 'reveal something' things are always hard.

I'm with you on the housecleaner. I always find it good exercise although I'd love someone just to do the shower. I loathe that chore.

Mel Teshco said...

LOL Cathryn -
I"m going to go with the oven. I can't stand cleaning ovens (as anyone who has looked inside it will attest)
But the shower - yes, bad job too =(

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks Mel for passing this along (actually you & Christina). Now I have to think of some clever things to say!

Oh bring on that housecleaner especially for the bathroom.

5AM swimming!! I didn't even know there was a thing called 5AM except for the times I get to bed close to that time being the night owl I am.

Mel Teshco said...

Actually the swimming laps isn't going too well the last week =(
And I'm sure you'll think of lots of clever things to say!!

Christina Phillips said...

I loved reading your list, Mel! but 5am swimming laps! OMG! Good for you!!

I'd love a housecleaner as well, it's so time consuming and then I turn around and it's all messed up again!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol my name is there. Geeish, lol ta. :) Give me a few hours. :)

Thanks Mel... hey did you get that email regarding Taree. etc. Hmm... I'm a little confused. lol but that's not hard lately.

Mel Teshco said...

swimming laps does sound good, considering I've slacked off a bit LOL!!
And I sooo know what you mean about the house getting messed up again! grr.

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Suzanne!!
LOL - enjoy the seven questions, won't you - will go and have a look a bit later =)
- and what did I miss about Taree? (something about my Aunt?)

Laurann Dohner said...

Mel, sorry I wasn't on this weekend and it took me a few days to get to your post. Thank you for sharing all of that. It's always great to get to know more about people. I'll have to sit down and think of what to tell about myself now. LOL!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Laurann,
no problem at all! Look forward to reading your's next! =)

Anna Hackett said...

Enjoyed your list, Mel! I was reading it, no idea what I'd write...then saw my blog listed at the end!!!

Going to ponder if I have any interesting things to share (-:

Mel Teshco said...

LOL, sorry Anna!!
It really is hard but quite enjoyable too =)
Look forward to seeing your list!

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