Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Cupcake Award!

Anna's post reminded me of the cupcake award passed on by the lovely Ju Dimello!
Now, this shouldn't be a hard task - ten things that make me happy!!
1) My children. Three girls who are 20. 12 and almost 3, they are wonderful and make me so very proud!
2) My grandson. He's five months old now, and a happier little man you couldn't find =)
3) My husband. For supporting my love of writing that sees the house that little bit messy, the dinner often late (g)
4) Writing! Of course!! This is my passion.
5) Pizza, especially the fire eater.
6) Kettle chilli chips
7) Bourbon and cola (preferably with either 5 or 6)
8) Time to reflect. Sometimes as life rushes by it's easy to forget how lucky I am.
9) Eating out. I love trying others' cooking. Plus it saves me washing and cooking.
10) Horse riding. Particularly with miss 12. She loves her horse and loves coming out with me.

I pass this award onto these 10 lovely girls - if you're willing! =)
Tracey O'hara
Laurann Dohner
Christina Phillips
Suzanne Brandyn
Denise Rossetti
Rachael Johns
Becca J. Heath
Kylie Sheaffe
Nikki Logan


Ju Dimello said...

Wow Mel :) Even refering to your 5 months old grandson made me smile here :)

I got reminded of my nephews - who are cute little twins and somehow time rushes by when I get a chance to meet them! They are going to visit us for about a week in April.. I dont have any toys to entertain them ;) But I hope they love playing with us - me and DH.

So nice to read the ten things that make you happy !

Laurann Dohner said...

Hi Mel. Reading your loves makes me smile! Lol. My favorite 10 things...
1. Mr. Laurann - because he's just that wonderful to me and always makes me laugh and have the time of my life.
2. My 4 kids.
3. The new grandbaby
4. Writing - That's a given! LOL.
5. Reading. Oh... I LOVE to read!
6. Steak, a baked potatoe, corn on the cob meal... followed by chocolate chip cookies.
7. Iced coffee = lifeline! LOL.
8. Every night when I curl up to Mr. Laurann before I fall asleep and feel grateful for all I have and knowing I'm exactly where I belong.
9. Getting a book contract/book cover/release date - and the day it comes out... all rolled into one. LOL.
10. Life in general - all the ups and downs - just every single day!

Great post and that was way fun! I wish I could add riding horses but those days are long over for me. LOL. I haven't been on a horse in 20 years! LOL.

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Ju,
thanks for passing it along - it made me smile just writing these down! =)

Mel Teshco said...

great list! And reading!! yes! I didn't mention that one, but it's a given!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh Mel, this is a great list. And thanks for passing this along. I'll do day!!

Mel Teshco said...

Whenever you're ready Eleni,
that's the good thing about this list, do it whenever the urge takes you =)

Christina Phillips said...

OMG Mel, I can't believe your gorgeous little guy is five months old already - where does the time go?

Thanks for the tag!!

Mel Teshco said...

Hey Christina!
I know, tell me about it!! And when they're finally here, it feels like they've been around forever =)

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