Monday, March 8, 2010

Kallie Revealed - April release day!!

Release Date: April 20th!!

Unofficial Blurb:
When Kallie's fairytale life turned into a nightmare, she dealt with the stress in a way she never would have imagined. For too long she's yearned to live outside the box, experience things she has always been too afraid to try.

Becoming every man’s fantasy as a stripper drives away the constant ache within and makes her feel beautiful again. She discovers her dark side and sets out to explore her secret desires.

Seth Masterton is a rising star in the corporate world and he is everything Kallie has ever wanted. He’s watched all Kallie’s performances and never hides his lust for her. She knows it's time to face her demons and make some changes in her life. Maybe this possessive man is all she really needs. Tonight, she’ll find out.

Note: this book contains a brief female/female sex scene, which takes place during a steamy, male/female group sex scene.


Chapter One

He was here again.

Kallie knew it the moment she strutted onto the stage in a white cowgirl hat and matching, sleek tasseled dress. Even as the Sydney club echoed with wolf whistles and lewd cheers, from somewhere in the crowd she felt his stare.

Seth Masterton. A man going to the stratosphere in the corporate world. A rising star. He could have any woman he wanted, and yet here he was, watching her.

Her skin tingled, her pulse thudding like a freight train quickly gaining speed. She smiled, hoping he liked what he saw! And hell, she wasn’t one to disappoint.

Not anymore.

Heavy bass flooded the stage. A spotlight dazzled directly above her, the spectator’s faces now dim in the crowd as she threw her head back and then strode forward, hips swiveling to the beat before she grabbed hold of the center pole and executed a turn.

Ha. The audience would expect more, but she liked to tease, liked the pretence of innocence before she showed her true self. Literally.

Shoulder blades bracketed against the pole, Kallie leaned back, tan, thigh-high, heeled boots spread wide and arms above her head as she slithered down and then ever so slowly up. It was just her and the music now. The men, and probably a few women, were all silent, salivating as she did her thing.

A delicious thrill zapped straight between her thighs. Yes, she danced for everyone who’d paid to watch. But in reality, Kallie danced for only one person—Seth.

She straightened and the tips of her fingers traced the outer rim of her cowgirl hat. Then, with a flick of her wrist, she launched it through the air, her arrow-straight blonde hair immediately cascading to her waist.

A roar of approval met her performance. The room pulsed with energy and crackled with lust and Kallie couldn’t deny the excitement leaping within.

She stilled, closing her eyes to soak it all in. She could have any man or woman here tonight—married, gay, rich or poor. The knowledge licked through her veins and made her pussy wet.

She’d fuck Seth tonight.

With a smile of anticipation, she opened her eyes and sashayed forward. A hidden, industrial fan ensured the sudden gust of air whipped back her long hair and pressed the white dress against her straining breasts.

A chair waited for her at the front of the stage and she stilled behind it while she looked out into the darkness to her left, sensing Seth’s presence. She shivered with longing.

This is for you.

One hand resting on the high-backed seat, she gyrated to the music while her other hand lifted. Her fingers, one by one, released the studs at the front of her dress. It peeled open to reveal glimpses of gold-tanned flesh and barely-there crimson lace underwear.

The music peaked and then went silent. She heard someone moan even before the light slipped away and ran over the crowd.

She stepped out of her dress and kicked it to one side. And in the cover of shadows she allowed her smile to fade while long repressed grief stirred and swelled.

It was bizarre how life had panned out. Sorrow had catapulted her onto this journey of self-discovery, this exploring of her fantasies, where for the brief moments when she was on stage, she felt whole and beautiful again.

Oh god. Don’t think about it. Not now!


Laurann Dohner said...

LOVE the COVER and it sounds so good!!! Congrats, Mel!!!

Becca said...

Woohoo, that there is hot stuff. Sounds great!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Laurann and Becca,
glad you like. And yes, it's *very* hot!

Ju Dimello said...

Wow, the cover and the excerpt is really catchy !

Wonder what the official blurb would be :)

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Ju,
the cover is really interesting isn't it =)
Think this blurb will stay, it just hasn't been proofchecked yet.

Ju Dimello said...

Thats so nice :) Especially when the title / blurb stays :)

From what I've been hearing on the forums, generally changing that seems to be the norm :)

I especially like the fact that the covers ::hint:: at things than outright exposure...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ju,
In my limited experience with Nocturne Bites, I don't think titles are often kept, and the blurbs are written for us.
Ellora's Cave usually keep our title unless another title is too similar, then we choose another title. We also write our own blurbs - with our editor making any changes needed =)

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Hi Mel,
That is hot.:) I can see Seth and Kallie ripping up those pages. :)

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Suzanne.
So hot it burns the pages =)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Wow on the cover, the blurb, and the excerpt. Congrats Mel!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Eleni,
thanks so much =)

Anna Hackett said...

Congrats Mel. Will count down until release day!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Anna!
Can't wait - I'll be interested to see what the readers think of a contemp story

Christina Phillips said...

Oh I love this excerpt, Mel! Very hot and sexy! Not long to wait!!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Christina,
it's a bit different to my paranormal writing, glad you liked it =)

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