Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's your favourite vampire setting?

To celebrate the release of HER DARK LORD and Anna’s April Bites, HUNTER’S SURRENDER, Anna and I are giving away a different vampire Bites every week during March and April.

For the chance to win, just visit our blogs each week and come share some fav vampire facts. We’ll be announcing a winner every Sunday (Aussie time) for the next two months.

Congrats to Pam P for sharing her fav vamp power at Anna’s blog. She was the Week 2 winner of a free download of Michele Hauf’s

This week we’re sharing our favourite vampire setting. Everyone who comments goes in the draw for a free download of Nina Croft’s debut Bites, THE PROPHECY (it features a vampire heroine).

So do you prefer your vampires urban or country? Do you think New Orleans , New York or London suit the undead best? Or maybe a Transylvanian castle and Carpathian Mountains are your preferred choice?


Lou Gagliardi said...

Scotland, Ireland, or Italy for me. They're all my nationalities, so I'm biased.

Laurann Dohner said...

I read a few set in L.A and other big cities that I liked. You'd probably need to live in a big city if you depended on blood. Of course I read one not too long about about a cowboy vampire... kind of amusing... but of course you'd get caught pretty fast unless you had some neat abilities to make people forget they donated to your cause. LOL. If I were a vampire... I'd stick to L.A. There are a lot of Gothic clubs here so I'd fit right in and look 'normal'. LOL!!!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Lou,
I'd love to visit all those countries as 'research' it would be fantastic!!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Laurann,
I could well imagine LA being the hub for vampires - and the goth clubs, definately!

Kylie Griffin said...

OK, here's one I've yet to see - vampires in space - I think it would be a unique environment, the logistics mind-boggling. :-)

Anna Hackett said...

Cowboy vamps and vampires in space! Not sure they work for me (-:

I'm a city girl all the way! I like my vamps urban. Hunter's Surrender is set in Las Vegas (although some of it happens out in the desert, so that might count as country!)

I figured a city where most residents sleep during the day would suit vamps perfectly.

Mel Teshco said...

Kylie - the mind boggles!! Outer space and vampires - not something I've thought of before LOL!!!!!
Hmm. Have to agree with Anna on that and the cowboys...

Medic said...

Vampire cowboys in space! (I think I just heard some theme music there..)

I personally like the ones that squirrel themselves away into major metropolis areas as eccentric and eclectic citizens and more so the rich moguls. But I think deep down, I am and always will be a sucker for the vampires in the 'Old World' where everything is just a bit more mysterious and daunting.

PS: Hello Mel! *Blame* Anna for my arrival :D

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Medic!
I agree there is definately added mystery to old world vampire settings. If only I was a history buff!!
And thanks Anna for sending Medic my way =)

elove said...

Hi girls,

Space vamps - just don't see enough of those!

I love the city-that-never-sleeps setting, too. Especially if there're a few bump 'n grind nightclubs.

Although, I'm also a sucker for the country enclave of the supremely rich vamp with forty cars and hundreds of staff...

Sigh. I can wish... :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh you know, I really just don't care about what setting a vamp is in...just as long as I enjoy the story. :) Though Vamps in Space does have a certain ring to it. :)

Mel Teshco said...

Elove and Eleni,
ooh, I think there's a certain ring with those two names! =)
The city that never sleeps - I agree. And for me personally, I love setting my paranormals in Sydney.
Though in my present werewolf wip the setting is in inland Australia, where the drought is a feature.
Naa, vamps in space, just, naaaa! lol

Medic said...

I'd also like to see vamps break out of some of the stereotypes (ie the arts, real estate etc) lemme see a midnight vamp dentist :D

"Hey, what nice teeth you have."
"Hey you too Doc! Wow, those are some neat canines."
"All the better to bite you with my dear."

... Did I really just type that? ^_^

Anna Hackett said...

Mel --
Are you sure you're happy Medic came this way (-: Vampire dentists! No way!!

Medic, I love my vamps "Old World" too - suits the immortality, lived hundreds of years thing.

And I love Sydney for a paranormal setting. My current WIP is set there!

Nina Croft said...

Hi All,
I love the vampire in space idea, it would be a challenge working out the logistics, but challenges are good. And they could forget about the whole sunlight issue for a while - in fact it might be the perfect home for a vampire.

In the meantime, like Anna, I prefer my vamps to be urban.I think the only reason to put them in a country setting would be if they're shutting themselves away for some reason.I tend to put mine in London, because it's a city I know, but I love books set in New Orleans.

I think I'm off to write about vamps in space now...


Anna Hackett said...

Hey Nina!
We're excited to give away a download of The Prophecy!

Ooh, can't wait to read your space vamps (-:

Medic said...

The whole space talk has my brain whirling, I over analyze details (if you haven't guessed).

If vampires are subject to the sun, then what precludes the light from stars from doing the same to them in say a Space craft, or on another planet. Is it mystical? Is it something about the atmosphere amplifying something that causes it?

See, now I want to read a vamps in space story too, just to see how it works logically!

And I'm still hearing the 'Pigs in Space' theme (Muppets) whenever I read ViS :P

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Nina,
thanks for dropping by =)
I have to say - if you're writing a vamps in space book, I'm reading it too!
And medic, The mind boggles!!

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