Thursday, October 28, 2010

Release Day!!!! CARNAL MOON

Release day for CARNAL MOON is HERE!!!! It's been a long time coming for this story, which was originally accepted at another publisher before finding it's home at Ellora's Cave! I love this story, love the heroine and her conflict almost as much as I love the brilliant, lawyer hero!!

Here's a blurb:

On the first night of each full moon, werewolves cannot resist the calling—the instinctual need to mate.

Living a double life has never been difficult for Holly, but in her world, if her species is to survive, all she can look forward to is down-and-dirty, uninhibited sex with a different partner each month. She has never had reason to complain though. Until now.

She’s fallen for Ricky Mandela, her hot, sexy, human lover. Holly can’t pretend she has a chance at a family and happily ever after. Those are human dreams. But she can’t give him up either. Will she have to lie and cheat to hold on to the man she loves?


Ju Dimello said...

Happy release day Mel :)

I'm eagerly waiting for your Nov 1 read as well ! It might be a good thing to carry when I'm going for a "long vacation" with minimal internet to my home-town :)

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Ju!
The Nov 1st story is a free read but short and sweet, will take no time to get through. Hope you enjoy it =)

Kylie Griffin said...

Happy Release day, Mel! Woohooo!

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Kylie! =)

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Mel --
I'm a little late but I wanted to wish you a happy release day!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Anna,
thanks so much! =)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Sorry I missed your release day Mel. Congrats!!!!

Mel Teshco said...

Hey, thanks Eleni =)

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