Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In Australia one only has to turn on the news to hear and see all about the floods that have declared 75 percent of Queensland a natural disaster-and much of the East Coast further south bracing for the worst. But much much worse - the tragic loss of lives. People clinging to trees in the raging torrent, the family sitting on the roof of their car, mother and baby on the roof of their house...
I have no doubt there will be some incredible stories to come out of this disaster, with the human spirit shining through such tragic times.
Living on a small rural property, for so long we've relied on rain for our tanks to provide for all our needs - bathroom, toilet, drinking, washing. Seems amazing that now, with so much water around them, the people in Brisbane and many towns cannot drink their tap water for fear of contanimation.
Where I livc, the floods have cut off the road, so no supplies can get in. Food and fuel shortages happened almost overnight - with a couple of reports where people fought over a loaf of bread! (okay, human spirit was in short supply then!)
Guess we have to appreciate the simple things in life - like a glass of water!!!


Kylie Griffin said...

The simple things in life, indeed.

I've been sifting through the hundreds of photos of the flood and the ones that stand out for me are the ones with people helping others (Many of these are "professional" volunteers or just people helping out of the blue instead of ignoring something and walking away...

*the Salvo Army member handing out blankets to a family in a crowded evacuation centre
*the man who rescued and carried a kangaroo from flood water
*the man rescued from floodwater by rescue members who hugs them in thanks
*the person consoling a visibly upset flood victim

Small kindnesses that mean so much.

Mel Teshco said...

You're so right Kylie,
and it brings home once again how Aussies pull together and help each other when the chips are down =)

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