Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time Management and Biggest Loser

I've been going great guns with my writing goals, and getting the words down I've needed. Unfortunately my fitness goals...not so good. 
Yes, I've been watching the biggest loser and imagining the pain of having to lose 10 kilograms - let alone 110 kilograms. Ah, nope! 
I gave the nasty ciggies up some time ago, now if only I could quit my afternoon habit of a lovely, bubbly bourbon and coke (or two) - then perhaps a few slices of pizza or a packet of kettle chilli chips wouldn't be such a sin...? After having to put my horse down last year, I decided back to tennis I'd go, along with swimming laps, I've always swam laps and I've played tennis on and off for years.
I bought a new tennis racquet, ready to go. A week ago I twisted my ankle, my kneecap popped out and I can hardly walk. Not long after that hubby cleaned the pool and put a nice gouge into the liner. The water drained out and the liner is now stuffed LOL!!
Murphy's Law??
Might be time to take up walking?  
Perhaps I'll speed write instead...


Cath's Chatter said...

LOL at the attempts at fitness.
I was well on my way to losing my goal of 40kg last year when I discovered Zumba. But then I tore a ligament in the bottom of my foot which can take up to 2 years to heal!!!!(half that if you're skinny, damn murphy's law!!)I've had nasty injections into the arch of my foot and a year on I can now walk with only minute pain. If reading shed pounds I'd be a light weight by now!!!!!!!
Enjoy the bourbon and coke's and keep writing the good stuff!!!!

Mel Teshco said...

Cath, it sux hey!! I was always a skinny whinny until I had a couple of ops to remove my thyroid (cancer) and now just sitting on my bum and writing doesn't cut the fat LOL!!!
Guess we have to have one bad habit, I don't drink coffee, so a bourbon is mine LOL!!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Time management. There's so much to do, yet so little time. Bummer about the exercise. I manage to walk every morning, or midmorning depending what I'm doing.

I agree we all have to have something we like doing, geeish, life wouldn't be worth livng. A few drinks won't harm you, and writing is good for the mind. :)

Good Luck. :)

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Suzanne,
and very true =)

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