Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scent of a Man

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Maree Anderson's latest e-book SCENT OF A MAN, which was the first time I'd read her work. It was seriously good, just loved the world building, the characters and the author's voice. I did a review for her and thought it'd be cool to post here as well...

Joseph Godwin is an Anglian noble, born and raised into a society that oppresses its women. All well and good—until Joseph discovers the day he dreamed of losing his virginity and becoming a man—becomes his worst nightmare.
Turns out he’s a Scentinal, the scourge of the earth; the spawn of the devil according to Anglian law. His very scent sees the chastest of women become depraved and shameless hussies who lust after him without restraint.
His father, Lord Godwin, is a cruel and vicious oppressor who turns on his only son when he finds out Joseph’s fĂȘted coming of age reveals his true Scentinal colours.
Only Liliana, a Null—a one-of-a-kind woman who renders his scent void in close proximity—is able to save him. She is a gifted warrior, but a pawn to the empress Vashti, who sends Liliana on a mission to bring back Joseph for her own nefarious schemes.
Maree Anderson writes a riveting, original tale of lust and betrayal, love and redemption. SCENT OF A MAN is an erotic, fast paced story that is beautifully written, the characters all too believable.
I highly recommend it =)

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