Friday, April 1, 2011

Thelma & Louise

I watched Thelma and Louise last night, and was reminded once again why I love this movie. It's not just the amazingly un-happily ever after ending, (depending on your perspective) it's the quiet times where you can see them each reflect the changes that have happened to them, the realization there is no going back for either one of them, even if it were possible. 
It really is an emotional journey, a personal growth that is so inappropriate on so many levels but so so plausible you can't help but cheer when they blow up the tanker, or when they rob the shop - and especially when Thelma has her sexual enlightenment with a very young, and very lean Brad Pitt. The latter is even more poignant knowing of her past with her arrogant, swine of a husband and her sexual assault at the hands of another man she meets at a bar.
Though I never consciously thought about Thelma and Louise when I began to write my free short read, DISCOVERING SOFIA, I realized I had in some ways based my characters on the movie: the sexy, young hitchhiker in the cowboy hat, the abused woman with her inadequacies and emotional pain.

I guess I like watching movies that push the envelope a little, just as I like writing characters that are a little out there =))

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