Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Galactic Burn - review

As some of you might know, Galactic Burn - the first book of my Alien Hunger series, has been getting *very* mixed reviews. Some hate it enough to give it a 1 star, others apparently love it (thank you to those readers!!! lol) So I was relieved to say the least, with this one's first review (4 stars) 


Reviewed by: Emma

Lillian has no idea who she is. After waking up in the woods, she finds that she can't remember anything about herself but she does know an alien when she sees one. Actually, a gorgeous hunk of alien with the promise of two more who will join him. A virus has killed all of the males and most of the females on Earth. An alien civilization was also decimated by the same virus but only the men survived on that planet. Dar, Ezra and Maddox are the only surviving royals from their world. They have found their mate in Lillian. However, just as they bond, Lillian's returning memories may destroy their love before it truly begins.
This story is one sexy romp from start to finish. The plot is a bit far-fetched but you really don't care as the sex scenes burn up the pages. It's easy to submerse yourself in the sensual aura. Each of the three men approaches Lillian differently. The author is really writing three different love stories and that makes for very interesting reading. I thought the story ended rather abruptly and I would really like to know what happens next. I sure would welcome another story or two based in this world. If you're looking for something erotic and steamy, then I suggest you give this one a try.


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Well give me a gorgeous hunk of an alien anyday.

Remember we can't please everyone. Some readers do not like what I write, then they like what you write, or someone else.

We all have different styles, and there are readers out there that appreciate each and every one of them.

I always believe if someone hasn;t got something nice to say, shut up.

I love your style of writing, and many others do as well. :)

Mel Teshco said...

Aww thanks Suz! And you're right, we can't please everyone.
I simply write what I love and what I know I'd love to read =)

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