Saturday, December 10, 2011

Movie of the Month

Okay, so this movie - Equilibrium - isn't a new release (2002) and mightn't be to everybody's taste, but I really enjoyed watching this for the first time last night. (Comparable to The Matrix).
I totally loved Christian Bale's role, and though he reminded me at times of Tom Cruise - in my eyes he's a much MUCH better hero.
I really liked the storyline, which had the hero and his lethal army of men killing off any humans who show emotion and who refuse to let go of any of their possessions, the same humans who are supposedly at risk of creating another war, which no one would survive. 
Bale is the top dog, assigned to get rid of these humans without question. But then he begins to question the logic of the drug all the humans have to inject themselves with to numb themselves to emotion. When he stops using the drug all together, he soon discovers all he's missed out on and joins the very people he once killed.
Though he had an unworldly skill as an assassin (you may have to suspend belief) he  has to protect his son and daughter, and then goes to great lengths to protect a pooch who adopts him as an owner... 
Totally loved this movie =)


Kylie Griffin said...

Never heard of this one before but I like the premise - might have to go searching for it and watch it (after I finish my WIP).

Thanks for the heads up.

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Kylie,

it's definitely worth the watch in my opinion =)

And good luck with finishing your WIP!

Christina Phillips said...

I've watched this movie a few times and enjoyed it very much - totally agree about having to suspend disbelief with that fight scene at the end!!!

Mel Teshco said...

LOL Christina - that fight scene...yeah!

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