Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working on...

So many manuscripts! LOL. I'm sure it's only my writing goals for 2012 taped on the desk beside me that keeps me grounded.

But now that I've sent in book 2 of Alien Hunger, I've restarted work on my single title book Dimensional, and retrieved 2 stories that I've started (as in around 2k lol) in the last few years, but had no time to finish. These will both be novella's that I hope to finish this year in-between my 'true' writing goals. One of the novella's is about a woman and cats - yes, the moggy variety (that's all I'm saying without giving the story away). The other is a fantasy story - think a harem, a king and the woman who has caught his eye *g*

Aside from that I plan to finish book 1 and 2 of a new shape-shifter series, involving 3 different packs. And then if my goals are going well, Alien Hunger book 3 will begin - possibly on the world of the aliens.

That should keep me busy this year!!

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