Thursday, March 1, 2012

Differences in Reviews

It always amuses me how differently people view a bunch of words, how what one person can see as scorching hot, another one can view as too low on the heat scale. I've had some really varied comments on my free read, DISCOVERING SOFIA at Amazon - and have to thank the readers who scored me four and five star ratings. 
BTW - if you've read one of my books and enjoyed it, please rate it on Amazon, B&N etc - it really does affect the overall rankings =))
Anyway...I thought I'd share two of my lowest reader ratings - note their different opinions *g*

 XXX Rated, be aware: (1 star)
 I learned a valuable lesson with this book, I purchased based on title and description, wish I would have read the available text first.... this is not just a romance fiction it is very adult and very crude sex details in just the first 3 pages. I'm still trying to remove it from my Kindle. When I chose the option to remove it from the Kindle it just went into my archive and I haven't yet figured out how to totally remove it yet. 

 low on the heat scale: (2 stars)
 Granted this was a freebie, but the heat factor of this story was not very high, thus I'll not be keeping it for future reading.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing isn't is, Mel? Same as getting your work accepted by a publisher or agent. One desk likes it, another doesn't. Nature of the game, I suppose.

Mel Teshco said...

It is Sandy, makes me realize just how different we all are =)

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