Friday, March 9, 2012

Working on...

While I'm waiting for the edits of Galactic Inferno to come back, I've been working on quite a few different manuscripts.

Larakyte: A fantasy novella for Ellora's Cave. Picture a shape-shifter heroine going all out to be chosen by the king as his next mistress. All so that she can sway his mind about her dying race who are hated and too often murdered by the humans.

Chameleon: This one is a longer-length series (8okish) set in Australia with three different shape-shifter packs. The first book focuses on the shape-shifter leader they call the Chameleon. 

Dimensional: A single title book based on an entrepreneur who finds himself unwittingly going into different dimensions. He sees the different paths he's travelled, good and bad. And in the end he has to make the ultimate choice.

Eva's World: This heroine attracts cats to her like a magnet, but she's always felt alone. Her one constant is the man she dreams about every night. She finds the place he's created for their first meeting. Its here that she learns more about herself than she thought possible.


Anonymous said...

Oo! Oo! Putting my hand up to read 'Dimensional' and 'Eva's World'! If you need anyone to Beta read, I will. Honestly. No really, I can do that. :))

Mel Teshco said...

really? Sandy don't say that! LOL! Or I will truly take you up on that offer!!! *smiles*

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