Monday, June 18, 2012

First Review of Galactic Inferno!

Thanks to Kylie Scott for her review of Galactic Inferno.  My first one!!!

It's great when writing friends enjoy my stories too!

Here's some of her review. The rest can be found at her blog:


Ally is stumbling around Sydney in shock with her beloved dog Bonnie at her heel. She's doing her best to avoid ‘the eyes in the sky’ looking for survivors just like her. Her memory is patchy due to the virus and the death and destruction surrounding her would be enough to do anyone’s head in. But there are more than just Alien hotties on the hunt.
Feral dog packs now roam the streets and these puppies have developed a taste of human flesh. Renate, one of the hated Alien race, rescues our heroine from certain death care of just such a dog. What does the Alien want? (Apart from to Repopulate! that is.) And why does Ally feel such a strong pull towards him? Is it Alien mind tricks or something more?


Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, Ms Mel. It was a great read!

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Kylie,

glad to hear! =))

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