Monday, July 16, 2012

Books I've just bought to read...

This is Bec's debut novel, which I've pre-ordered. She's yet another Aussie talent who's published after many contest wins  under her belt. The cover is gorgeous and has a very steampunk feel about it. 

I've heard a lot about Lauren but have never read her books. This one was recommended to me by good writing friend and CP Kylie Scott. Although Lauren has plenty of other genres too, I always love to sink my teeth into a paranormal story first up.

You can't go past a suspensful read when it comes to Tracey O'hara. (35 days until release!!) Besides the fact she's my occasional CP and good friend, I love her work. And that cover is simply stunning!!

This one is for my daughter (a big fan)  - though I love me a good Keri Arthur story as well. Another one with a fantastic cover!

This one is for my husband (and me too!) we really enjoyed book 1 (Vengeance Born) and I for one can't wait to read about the blind heroine who captivated me in book 1 as a secondary character.

I seriously couldn't not get this book. As one of the authors of the first Something Wicked anthology (which I loved!) I had to get this one too and check out the other authors. And what a great way to find 'new to me' writers! I'll be getting the next two when they come out too.


Kylie Griffin said...

Can't wait to hear what your DH has to say about AF, Mel! LOL

Your book list looks suspiciously a lot like mine! I particularly can't wait to read Bec McMaster's debut. Been hanging out for it!

Mel Teshco said...

Sure he'll love it Kylie. His reading tastes are very much like my own - converted him to paranormal lol!
Glad our book lists are similar, hope we both enjoy the reads!! =)

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