Friday, August 31, 2012

50 Shades

So I started reading this last night with an admittedly pre-conceived idea that I'd hate it. Yes, I've heard a LOT of bad stuff about this book, time will only tell if I agree. But you know what, so far it's been an easy, enjoyable read - though I'm only up to chapter three so I guess things could go pear shaped from here on in lol!

On the positive side, my eldest daughter, Teagan, isn't a reader at all, and has never been a reader. She bought all three of these books (she loaned me book 1) on her friends hype and devoured them in a matter of a week. My daughter!! Whose biggest reading pleasure was Dolly magazines as a teen and Goosebumps!!!

Looking forward to reading this book just to see the major stir it's created! Am I being too proactive at this early stage to say it must surely be a good thing, especially for the erotic writing world??



Sandy said...

Hey, Mel,

Interesting you should say this. Like you I've heard quite a bit of bad hype over these books, but there must be something good about them for all these people to be reading them.

I'll be interested to hear your opinion on whether you consider them erotic or hot. (I'm still trying to work out that difference LOL).

I said the same thing to my SIL, recently regarding the attention the books are bringing to the general population. Surely that can't be bad?

Mel Teshco said...

Will def let you know Sandy =)

And yep, bringing a lot of attention to erotic romance. Even more importantly I think, it's made reading erotica not quite the 'shameful' act it once was to read one.

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