Monday, August 20, 2012

Review for Red-Hot Lover

Romancing the Book did a nice review for Red-Hot Lover, the third book in my Winged & Dangerous series (though this is a standalone read). My gargoyles hold a special place in my heart (god that sounds cliche) and it's really gratifying to see readers enjoying them too =))

Here's a little of the review:

I saw gargoyles in a different light and not as the world takes them to be. I loved that Zahlee and Saul made the best of both worlds. Yes they had to make sacrifices. Nothing ever happens the way we plan but when life gives back to us what we wanted. We learn to forgive and not always forget. Love is worth having so we make the most of what we are givin because no one is promised tomorrow.
I enjoyed watching Zahlee and Saul fall in love again. Although Zahlee had to trust in humans again and trust Saul with the biggest secret of all. I have fell in love with gargoyles again and I hate that I started with the third book in the series. I know that I’ve missed a lot.
So with that I’m going to leave and brush up more on gargoyles. Maybe I can relive the fantasies I had as a child.


Anonymous said...

Great review, Mel!

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Sandy =))

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