Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Latest Update

Pigging out! L-R: Kasey, Tracie, Shona, Mel, Denise
So I'm back from my writers retreat and had a great time! Thanks Cate Ellink, Tracie Sommers, Rhian Cahill, Kasey Channing aka Kaliana Cole, Keziah Hill, Shona Husk, Kylie Scott, Denise Rossetti, Sue W, Susan Childs, Cathleen Ross and Moi, and lets not forget our special day guest, Sami Lee.
And just to clarify, I've never heard so much talking - no pregnant silences with the erotic romance writers - No Way.
Anyway, I managed to get some words on the page (handwritten notes that weren't always left outside to flip around in the breeze - I think Suz captured that on camera lol!)
So I'm on the last 5k of Galactic Flame, which somewhere along the way has decided it wants to be a 50k novel. I'm waiting on edits for Lusting the Enemy - and geez I cannot wait for my cover!!!!! And I've just sent back final check edits for Beneath the Light of a Silver Moon, which is released Nov 1 (and is available for preorder).
What's next??
A few of us at the retreat got excited about a themed story idea, think I'll be in on that one lol!! But will keep it quiet until it's official-like =)
For now I have Galactic Flame to finish off and Dimensional to write. Should keep my bum in seat for a bit yet...

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