Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Fab Review

Thanks so much to The Smutty Kitty for a fabulous 4 out of 5 licks for Beneath the Light of a Silver Moon. Here's what she had to say:

This is a bit of a sad one.  Kristen is a victim of spousal abuse and doesn’t want to leave in order to protect her stepdaughter (whom she treats like her own).  Her daughter has run away seeking refuge from her volatile father, but until Kristen knows for sure she is safe she can’t leave.  Her childhood friend Conrad swoops in to take her away from her terrible life.  He brings her back to his house and wants her to stay forever, but will she?

I was able to get into this one surprisingly well.  I think knowing the characters had a history helped the believability aspect for me.  The sex it hot and at one point outside (hence the name-this is not a shifter romance lol).  I liked the end.  It was slightly predictable (but after reading romance as long as I have most endings are) but I like my endings happy and that’s what we are left with.  Conrad is almost too nice at times.  I know he is trying to be gentle with Kristen after what she has been through but I like my heroes a bit on the rougher side of life.  lol  Kristen is a strong heroine though and I really like that.  Especially after all she’s been through to see her choose happiness is nice

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