Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hidden Passions!

I'm delighted to bring Marianne Theresa to my blog today! She's part of the Hot Down Under collection of shorts, the latest of which have just recently been released! She's got a pretty sexy favorite paragraph *blushes* and is offering some AWESOME prizes!!! (see below).

And I have to say I LOVE that cover!!!!

So...take it away Marianne!

Five words that most fit you, the author?

OCD, (although that’s 3) Creative, Loyal, Enthusiastic, Nail-biter

The idea behind your Momentum Story?

Hidden Passions was a fun story of passion’s pain & delight that just arrived one day and I wrote it.

Fav Paragraph from the story? 

There are at least half-a-dozen but this one is right up there! J

Cally lay there, eyes closed. The cool water sluiced down the city gutter, bombarded her outstretched arm as it detoured along and over her fingers to flow back along the side of her face.Blast, it was filling her ear-hole. Bit late for an umbrella, she was already soaked to the skin. And what was that god-awful smell?
Storm drain. Ugggh. She lay face down, her nose hovering over the edge of an open metal grate, while chaos reigned around her. She was cold, there were loud voices, too many voices, and then damn, someone tweaked her ear.
“Miss, miss, can you hear me?”
Not if you rip my ear off.
“Anyone know CPR?” There were some deep mumbles. “Careful, there’s glass everywhere.”
“Lord, she reeks of it, doesn’t she?”
I’m not drunk, you idiots.
Another pinch to her ear was extra sharp and a deep voice shouted, “Miss, are you all right?”
Oh for crying out loud, what’s with the ear-pulling? Go away! Look, I’ll move a finger. Happy?
“Yeah, she’s alive. She just moved.”

(okay so that's longer than a paragraph, but we'll forgive you! LOL)

The Hero makes you want to …. ?

Eat him up and keep him.

Will there be more from these characters or this world?

No, Hidden Passions was only ever meant to be a one off Short Contemporary Romance Story J

Thanks for hosting me here today Mel.

And I have 2 prizes to give away and I’ve asked our Lovely Hostess Mel, to choose 2 lucky guests with creative answers to the following …. Just share the strangest thing that has happened to you in a relationship, be it a break-up, make-up or Toss out!
Be creative, go wild ... :)
Leave your name & contact details to WIN!

1st prize …..  is a small gift pack consisting of a hand-painted ceramic coaster - by Aussie Artist Maryde and a Free set of the 5 new January Hot-DownUnder Releases. Which of course includes Hidden Passions.

2nd Prize  ….. is a free copy of my short story, Hidden Passions

Good Luck!

Thanks so much Marianne! And if one book isn't enough to whet your appetite, please check out the Hot Down Under blog, some brilliant stories to add to the collection! =))


Deborah Challinor said...

Nice para, Marianne. Now I really want to know why she's lying face down in a storm drain!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

What a superb excerpt, Marianne. It's a must for me to add to my TBR pile.

Great Post Mel. :)

Marianne Theresa said...

Thank you Deb and Suzanne for stopping by :)
Funny you say that Deb, when the first excerpt I chose went up I re-read it and grimaced... it didn't sound THAT risque' when I slotted it in. LOL
So I've replaced it with this one :))
(Those who missed it will have to read the story)
:) :)

S E Gilchrist said...

Its one of my favourite parts of this story, too MT. Cally is such a great character, she makes me smile.
Dont put me in the draw, please, as I already have one of your fabulous coasters and have your story. All the best.

Marianne Theresa said...

Thank you for the like S.E.
I hope you enjoy using your coaster.

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Marianne, may you have many more wonderful books this year! =))

Will post the winners tomorrow =)

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