Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review of Lusting the Enemy

A wonderful 5 star review by Angie of Twinsie Talk.Book Reviews for Lusting the Enemy. Thanks Angie!!


*Gulping down the ice water and turning on my fan*

Ladies let me describe this book is one word, "Holy-Mother-of-all-hawtness". OK so I kinda stretched that but you get my point, the book rocked. The book is about Akeisha who is a shape shifter and needs to seduce the king of the humans, Judas, to help save her people. Well lemme tell ya, the girl has mega balls. She has to go and stand outside in the blazing heat with 50 chicks and try and get Judas' attention to be part of his harem. Well when he walks by to "inspect her" , she gets buck naked...way to go Akeisha cuz lets be honest what man is gonna turn down a hot naked girl??? SOOOO he picks her (Duh like you didn't figure that right) and they have a night of "welcome to my castle" fun.

Judas is very smitten by his new lover but is hiding a secret of his own. He takes Akeisha all over town and is more impressed by her kind nature. She is also more and more smitten by the fact he isnt the cruel, ruthless leader she presumed he was.

I should mention their are humans who HATE shifters of any kind and seek them out to kill them. Akiesha and Judas run into some troubles with these bad peps and have a little rebellion. I don't want to tell you too much because it is a quick amazing read. I will say I did enjoy the twist the author threw in as Judas' secret. I also loved that Judas is a great alpha male character. Annnnnd, I loves me some alpha male!!!

Any way, I am defo going to be adding to my TBR list more of this authors books!!!

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