Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Galactic Flame

Thanks Angie J of Twinsie Talk Reviews for another nice review, this time for Galactic Flame.

What a great addition to this series. If you read book two *cough cough the review was just yesterday people* you know that Ally promised her first born daughter to Queen Lillian's first born son....well 25 years later and guess what? the first born son is here to collect!!! Except he has no clue what his intended name is or what she looks like. OOOPPPSIE kinda important right? Well He takes the wrong female as his intended because his alien "vibes" say Eden is the one......Eden lets him take her to protect her frail/fragile sister from a life that she imagines as barbaric and inhuman. She is shocked to learn that the aliens are kind, generous and love her instantly. WELLLLL, not everyone loves her. Seems she has stolen the "prize" of race. Seems Miss. Widowed Earth Woman Sala is after the prince and isn't very shy about letting Eden know. Don't ya just hate jealous bitches???? *fist bump* Me too!!!

Eden is freaked that everyone will find out she isn't the princes true intended. She has fallen head over heals in love with him and doesn't want to lose him. The aliens have built a tower to help them "find" Earth women. When they do then Sala and Eden join forces to try and break the tower. Eden says to save her sister (and the secret that she is not the true intended for Genesis) and Sala to keep the Earth women away so she can keep on screwing all the single aliens. ....frigging Skank Box. There will never be enough Kio Kio to clean her up (don't understand, read the book. If you do understand, ya know you giggled a little bit!!)........

ANYWHO, Eden gets into trouble for breaking a promise and is sent to live alone for 2 weeks as punishment. However, i LOVED that skanks punishment . Very very fitting and nicely done Mel!!! During the time Eden is being punished, she ends up admitting who she "really" is and things get kinda bad for Genesis. I will not tell you the end of the story or why Eden gets into trouble but i can't wait for book 4????? Please tell me there is a book 4!!! I kinda wanna know what happens to Aline the "true" intended for Genesis. Plus I want to know more about Aline's new "suitors"...giggles.

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