Wednesday, April 24, 2013

YA Book Recommendations!

So I posted on Facebook about my binge lately on YA (young adult) books, and had some lovely recommendations. These included Poison Princess, Graceling and author, Cassandra Clase. 

I've just read all the Lorien Legacies and adored The Hunger Games. Actually I don't recall a YA book I haven't enjoyed.

My question is: What have you guys read lately that is unputdownable? YA or any genre really. I'll be making a list and visiting Book Depository soon =)


Kylie Scott said...

Easy by Tamara Webber is still one of my favourites this year. Perfect New Adult.

beck nicholas said...

I just read Cinder by Marissa Meyer... or something. Loved it! Also The name of The Star by Maureen Johnson scared the crap out of me. And Bruiser by Neil Shusterman left me thinking hard.

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Kylie and Beck. Will be looking these ones up as well =)

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