Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Paragraph Party

Here's an unedited five paragraphs of Believe to tempt you (about page 150, in our hero Jame's pov). 


A touch, light as the brush of a finely-woven spider web, slid over his arm, instantly raising goose bumps. He looked up with a start, catching sight of a dark shadow as it moved and then solidified briefly into white.

Blood thundered in his ears as he waited for the white human-like shape to fully form. Instead, it faded and dissolved before a disturbing image flared briefly in his head: the white headstones of a cemetery.

He stared incredulously into the space that had been occupied by…something. “I’m going bloody crazy,” he muttered. What was with this place? For a little while the fear associated with Karlcodi had eased—particularly when he’d been here with Marina. Alone, and all the weirdness of the hospital was creeping back into his psyche.

“Bloody hell!” He slammed the poetry book closed. Leaving it on the bed he bounded to his feet. There was nobody else—nothing in the room. Yet the spirit and the vision had been clear as crystal.

He all but sprinted to the door, a prickling sensation at his nape disappearing the moment he gained access to the corridor.

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