Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where I'm At...

Believe is out in October of this year (blurb will be posted when available), which I'm incredibly happy about - this book took over two years to write with my co-writer (in-between other writing commitments) and I still consider it one of the most challenging stories I've written. I can also say it's far different to my usual writing -- being that it's classified as an inspirational speaks for itself lol!

I should very soon have the release date of Enraptured, guessing it will be in the next month or two. I loved this story! I have a fascination with women who have chosen to trade their own bodies -- and I don't mean in a sordid way. I'm talking about the women who feel empowered by their career. Of course, it's easy to create conflict when outsiders and 'clients' tend to see these women in a not very nice light.

Book two of the NightMix series, Abducting the Princess, has also been handed in. I should have edits for that one soon. It's been great fun creating a dystopian world with some shape-shifter romance =)

I'm currently working on the third book in the series, Seducing the Huntress, and when I can I've also been working on the start to what I hope will be a new short-novella series, this one's working title is Feline Freak, but it probably won't be erotic so it may well go to another publisher.

Hope this halfway through the year sees everyone happy and well!! =))


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