Friday, July 19, 2013

Some AWESOME books I've read lately

I've read some great books in the last few weeks and wanted to share them. All totally different genres and lengths but all wonderful =)

Skylark is quite possibly my favorite book this year so far, as good if not better than The Hunger Games. A crossover of genres - YA, post-apocalyptic, steampunk, dystopian, romance, fantasy. It truly has it all. A 5 star plus for this one! So thank you Meagan Spooner!
A quick summary: Lark discovers children are being harvested for their magic power to keep the city's power going and keep the walls intact to stop shadow people (cannibals) and other enemies from entering the 'safety' of their city. Trouble is she all but stumbles across a girl just like herself who is strung up with wires in her that drain her magic energy. Lark escapes and encounters a 'wild' boy who protects her as she journey's to the iron forest, where she discovers more magic within herself than she thought possible.

Erica Hayes always delivers with her dark urban fantasy and this short (free) story, Cherry Kisses gives a great taste of her distinct and visual writing talent. 
Quick Summary: Lena is more a trickster than witch, using her beauty and her street smarts to steal magic spells from the unwary Fae. But when a demon hires her to steal an amulet in hell, she's up against sexy smexy Ethan, whose fighting skill is unrivaled. She'll do anything to get her one wish... 5 stars

Cate Ellink's quirky voice and writing style sucked me in with this book, The Virginity Mission. Told in first person you really do feel for the heroine's inner struggle that includes losing her virginity at the ripe old age of twenty-one. 
Quick Summary: Mac enrols in a research trip in the rainforest and mangroves of North QLD, aware this is the perfect opportunity to lose her virginity. And  Jason - ex-army and leader of the expedition - is the perfect candidate. Watch the sparks fly even with Mac's insecurities.

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