Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Update

It's been a busy October editing Believe and a couple of my Ellora's Cave books, so I haven't been a very good blogger this month. I've been doing bits and pieces of writing when it calls to me, so I'm getting some words down for Dimensional as well as a 'secret' project I'm working on with two other authors. Every now and then I also go back to a story I started years ago, which I've fondly named, Feline Freak, and that has been slowly evolving, though it will probably be novella-sized. I'm not real sure where this story is even heading at the moment, it's not clear like some of them, so will be keen to see what happens myself LOL!! (plotting isn't my skill.)

So anyway, I thought I'd share an unofficial blurb of my co-authored book, BELIEVE, coming out October 31st from Soul Mate Publishing.

Do you believe in the power of unconditional love?
James Edward Bowheart is a genius in the making, a student doctor who has it all...or so it seems.
His lawyer father is an alcoholic, his mother a strict, god fearing woman with a critical eye and a cold heart. His sister, Josie, is warm, smart and overly-sensitive. She sees things no one else can. In and out of mental institutions, she is reviled by their parents.
James begins to question his own logic, fearing the unknown when he too begins to see things, dream things, the drugs he has come to rely on exacerbating the problem.
Only when a new neighbor - a single and very pregnant young woman - helps him to see outside the square and accept the unexplainable, does he truly start to Believe...

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