Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NEW Release!!!

BELIEVE is OUT!!! You can find it at Amazon and at a later stage at Soul Mate Publishing! Blurb and extract below =)


Do you believe in the power of unconditional love?
James Edward Bowheart is a genius in the making, a student doctor who has it all . . . or so it seems.

His lawyer father is an alcoholic, his mother a strict, god-fearing woman with a critical eye and a cold heart. His sister, Josie, is warm, smart, and overly-sensitive. She sees things no one else can. In and out of mental institutions, she is reviled by their parents.

James begins to question his own logic, fearing the unknown when he too begins to see things, dream things, the drugs he has come to rely on exacerbating the problem.

Only when a new neighbor—a single and very pregnant young woman—helps him to see outside the square and accept the unexplainable, does he truly start to Believe . . .


A scream pierced through one of the many closed doors along the corridor stretching far ahead. The vaguely inhuman sound chilled the air, and James Edward Bowheart’s skin crawled with goose-bumps beneath his pin-striped suit jacket.
He shuddered, even as silence again lay thick around him, his tread eerily loud and echoing down the long, antiseptic-laden hallway.
Bloody hell.
How did Josie cope? Was it rational to allow his highly sensitive, highly strung sister to stay in this facility, this environment?
The walls reeked of dread, the atmosphere ripe with over a century of torment and desperation that sucked at his soul.
A door swung open on his right, jerking him back to normality. He stilled, and a harried nurse gave him a tight nod as she bustled past. At her whisper-quiet retreat, he strode onward, swallowing the cowardice that plagued him each and every time he came here.
At the second last door to the left, he paused. His hand curled like a vise around the cloth bag holding the book that was his sister’s birthday present. She’d loved to read. These days he read to her, but he sensed in her a peace she rarely found, a solace from the words on paper he spoke aloud.
He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to the thick plate glass at the top of the door as he peered inside and viewed Josie’s current emotional state.
Not good. She was in the fetal position, her knees drawn up to her chest and her hands pressed to her ears. Her once lustrous, long blond hair was scraped back into a cheap and nasty elastic band.
He paused far longer than necessary as dread coiled tight in his gut. He grimaced, wishing not for the first time things were different. Better. Normal.  

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