Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review for Believe

BELIEVE has had some wonderful reviews so far, but none better than this one from the lovely Iliana:

WoW...freaking WOW!

I finished this book in a day..actually in a few hours cause once i started i couldn't let it go.

Every page grabbed me more and more under the spell of the book.Spiralling down and down into the sotry and the events and all
the emotions.

mind blowing emotionally spiralling freaking amazing book!!!!

I rate this book with 5 stars cause well i can't rate it with 9...cause if i could this book its totally a 9 stars for me(and its a 9 cause i don't believe there can be a rate 10 book)

Its been really a very long time since i've read a book that affected me so much.There were times i simply had to stop cause i couldn't read from all the tears.

Our main characters everyday people with the rights and worngs ,weaknesses and strength we each one have or see in our everyday life yet with a lil bit more as we see physic powers and clairvoyance.

This book is a maze.Through the story of our main characters which is not that simple to unravel at the same time we see many more stories entwine and trying to be unraveled.

A mystery book with murders,ghosts,truths and lies and of course let me not forget poems.

I truly loved the poems.

I hate reading spoilers in reviews and i try not to write in mine though sometimes its not very helpfull for people reading it.

i am really very thankfull to Mel Teshco for sending me this book.


Sandy said...

GREAT review, Mel! Congratulations :)

Mel Teshco said...

Thanks Sandy!! You could fill a page with yours!! *smiles*
Thanks for dropping by =)

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