Thursday, November 28, 2013


A writing friend of mine who I knew way back when we were both in a long-distance writing group, offered to read BELIEVE and give a review. Unfortunately she couldn't put it up on Amazon so I'm posting it here instead. Thanks Nat!!


This is a novel which I read and found disturbing, emotional, exhilarating, and finally, truly inspirational.

I disliked James for quite some time, until the story of his relationship with Josie, his sister began to unravel. He struck me as somewhat weak, relying too quickly on artificial means to get him past a difficult passage in his life. His relationship with Josie see-sawed too, at times really caring for her, at other times impatient.  We see the life of these two siblings through their own eyes and also through their parents’ too as they struggle to try and understand not only Josie but James as well. A dysfunctional family whose reasons for this are not really understood until very late in the story and then done with mastery as the trials they’ve all experienced are shown in a sensitive and heartbreaking reveal.

The introduction of Marina was well handled. She was a calming influence on James and indeed, on Josie, once they became better acquainted. I admit to tears at many times reading this wonderful story, births, deaths, a murder, the coming together of some of the characters, and the finalisation of a twisted, compelling story. Right to the end of the novel, there were hooks, teasers, and just as the reader thinks all is well, another twist!

This is a well constructed, well thought out and intriguing book and I would recommend it wholeheartedly. Once in my life I experienced the foretelling of the death of my son’s godfather and it is something I would not want to do again. I admire Kylie for her gift and her sharing of it with the readers of this inspiring story. The poetry within ties in well with the story and brings another dimension to the writing. Mel once told me that she could not write poetry – well, you’re wrong. It appears there is another string to add to Mel Teshco’s bow! All in all, I loved the story, and by the end, the very emotional end for me, I was more than a little in love with James too.

I wish both authors great success with Believe which I believe is truly inspirational and a great read. 

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