Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mine to Serve

Mine to Serve will be here Nov 25th!! YAY!! There will be a cover reveal soon. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share an excerpt. If you enjoy the excerpt and love sci-fi, you can pre-order it here.

He reached out a hand and unclipped her hair. As her blonde tresses fell halfway down her back, his breath hitched in his throat and he whispered, “Jesus, you’re gorgeous.” 
She’d always thought words were cheap, but right then she felt ten feet tall and totally invincible. She was no longer some lowlife prisoner aboard a ship going to a new world and an uncertain life. She was a woman desired by a man.
A man she desired equally as much.
“Thank you.” Her hands moved almost of their own volition as she reached up to unbutton his shirt. He stood still, though his body thrummed with tension as he watched her, like a hungry predator waiting to attack and devour. 
She pushed his shirt back with unsteady hands, slowly baring his lean, corded body to her stare. He obviously worked out in his spare time, though she’d bet his physique was mostly due to great genetics. 
His shoulders were broad, his pecs defined and his abs lightly muscled. A faint trail of hair arrowed down past his belly button, and her fingers itched to explore farther south.
But it was the flaming phoenix tattooed halfway across his chest and over one shoulder that captured her attention. She traced the red and gold ink with her fingertips, enjoying the ragged, indrawn breath he took before he explained the tattoo’s origin. 
“When the Earth started to go to shit, I wanted a symbol that represented rebirth and hope. The phoenix was perfect.”
She shivered. She’d bet it had become an even more powerful symbol when his wife had been taken from him. Her chest tightened, then she buried all thoughts of the pilot’s wife to the back of her mind. She wanted only to bask in the moment, treasure the short time she’d be with him.
Jarred’s eyes locked with hers. “I still have hope that our planet will one day regenerate.”
She believed that, too … but only once humankind had been wiped out and Mother Nature took over. It’d take hundreds, maybe even thousands of years to reverse the effects of people’s self-destruction. 
It seemed hard to believe that perhaps one day, long after whoever remained on Earth had died out from starvation, chem-lung, and other diseases, people from Solitaire might return to Earth, and this time nurture the planet.
“I love it,” she breathed. “And I hope you’re right … I hope the Earth does survive.”
Even if we’re no longer there to claim it as our own.
“You and billions of other people,” he said huskily, his hands clasping her hips before he bent and his mouth again took possession of hers.

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