Monday, December 8, 2014

Shadow Hunter

I've been a bit slack on the blogging front lately, so I thought I'd share a snippet from my longer length novel, Shadow Hunter, available at Amazon, B&N and all good e-tailers =)

Kyra Delano sipped from her glass of whiskey on the rocks, savoring the sharp burn on her tongue and the chill of ice melting in its wake.
The heady fumes assailed her acute sense of smell and removed her for a moment from stale cigarette smoke, old beer spills and sweat—a prerequisite for every Sydney nightclub she’d visited this last month.
She took another sip of whiskey, but this time it failed to ease the tension within. She shouldn’t be here. The risk was too high. She broke every shadow hunter rule by coming into the nightclub when she should be waiting outside in the darkness, hidden and ready to attack.
She stared into the mirrored wall behind the bar, which displayed the dance floor and the crowd of gyrating humans. All her instincts jangled alert. She’d stay a few minutes more. Her target was here. She just needed to wait it out.
Then she’d give into her bloodlust.   
A figure in the crowd caught her eye. Her senses sharpened.
Altair Delano.
Not exactly the monster she had hoped to eliminate, despite his changed DNA.
Her fingers clenched before she tossed back the remainder of her drink and slammed it onto the pitted bar. She turned in her spiked, knee-high boots to face the dance floor.
Striding forward, she brushed past a smooth, suit-and-tie man who’d wasted his breath the last ten minutes with his unoriginal pick-up lines. She smiled without humor. Another time, another place, perhaps she’d have taken advantage of his interest and overcome her unnatural aversion to drinking blood.
Except that would also mean the possibility of surrendering to her vampire needs and fucking the human too, and that was the one thing she just couldn’t do. Had never done. Sucking blood and sex might go hand-in-hand, but she’d never been like other vampires and she wasn’t about to start now.
 Rock music jarred her sensitive ears and light strobes dazzled her vision as she pushed her way through the dancing throng, but her attention remained on her target.
He all but lounged against the far wall, a svelte blonde woman pressed against him. A large splayed hand rested on the woman’s bared waist as she stood on tiptoe, trailing kisses across the base of his throat, her fingers twined through his rumpled, midnight hair.
His head lifted, his brilliant stare pinpointing Kyra before a smile spread across his beautiful face. A face she’d once thought she’d known so well.
Her eyes narrowed even as all breath stilled in her lungs. Altair was no longer her husband, her mate. He’d discarded her. Abandoned and betrayed her. All he was to her now was her next mission.         
The music abruptly changed. She paused, then raised her arms and tossed back her head to expose her throat. Her tied-back, ebony hair brushed past her waist as she slowly swiveled her hips with instinctive, sensual moves that Altair would be unable to ignore.
Her eyes met his glowing amber stare.
If you want me, come and get me.
She arched her spine, her hands drifting past her tight midriff top and across her bared belly as her hips continued to undulate to the pulsing sound. The tempo increased. Bass and drums swelled until an orchestra, unexpected and violent, pulsed with its own brand of passion.
Kyra allowed the music to engulf her, become part of her psyche. Altair would be compelled to join her, to dance with the woman who’d once been his mate.
She sensed his approach even before one of his hands seized her upper arm, pulling her against him.
“It’s been too long, my love,” his velvet voice purred against her ear.
Two years, one month and three days, you bastard! But who’s counting?
His thumbs caressed the smooth line of her barely there leather miniskirt. “Outrageous as always,” Altair said with a satisfied smirk. “But then, have you ever worn panties?”
“Cumbersome things, don’t you think?” She kept her voice light, halted a purr of rapture at his closeness even as her gut twisted as though a knot.
Definitely not a monster…not yet.
 He was a mastermind at reading people, but if he was aware of her mixed emotions he didn’t let on. Instead he took charge on the floor, their bodies swaying with timed, sinuous grace.
She swallowed a curse, hating that he still had the power to affect her. Her pulse raced, her body trembling as his hands dropped lower still and cupped her leather-clad backside.
“If you say so,” he said huskily, his brilliant stare alight with intelligence and unconcealed obsession. “Either that or it’s my lucky day.”
He dipped her back before she could make a scathing reply, her hair brushing the floor when he swept her into a semi-circle before drawing her erect, their faces inches apart.
“Actually, I think your luck just ran out,” she hissed, then immediately swallowed a groan as he jerked her snug against him. His arousal strained against her exposed belly, his faint notes of citrus spice teasing her senses and causing her incisors to emerge.
He arched a dark brow. “I’m a predator like you, the top of the food chain.” His breath teased her ear. “I’m not that easy to execute.”

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