Friday, April 3, 2015

Time Flies!

I feel like I've been taking two steps forward and three steps back this year, with it already being the fourth month HOLY SMOKES!!! Surely the clocks are spinning faster or something, cause it feels like I'm growing old faster than I can eat, drink and write (and be merry LOL!!)

On the writing front I'm hoping to hear news on Dimensional very soon - this is a 78k(ish) manuscript that is a cross between magical realism, contemporary, and time-travel romance. And probably straddles a few other genres too!

I'm also working on a secret project - all I can say is it's a short rural, but more news on that later!! =)

For now most of my energy and creativity has been directed toward Mutant Supreme - and this one is in first pov - loving the change! This story all started from a vivid dream, and I can honestly say it might be one of my fav stories to date. I'm heading toward 40k but I'm aiming for around 90k on this one, so it'd going to take me a good half year to finish it between my other projects!

Cathleen Ross, Christina Phillips and I are also hoping to do another boxed set soon - hoping we'll each find the month or two needed to get our stories done!

I'm leaving you now (again) with the gorgeous cover of my gargoyle stories - LOVE this so much!!

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