Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Release: Selena's Bodyguard!

So excited for the release of Selena's Bodyguard! On sale for 0.99c at Amazon itunes and all other great ebook retailers! This is my Christmas release book with a difference, also available in the Christmas Assortment Box with best selling authors, Robyn Grady, Sara Hantz, T.M. Clark and Tabbitha Robbins!

Selena MacShaw’s presidential mother was killed on Christmas day, but Selena is not afraid to live her own life. She wants to settle in the Australian Outback and stop running from her mother’s enemies.
After his army buddies died in a mission gone wrong, ex Special Forces, Dallas Anderson, accepts an offer from Selena’s father. Dallas is Selena’s undercover bodyguard in the guise of a head stockman. But when Dallas’ secret is exposed, will Selena love him for his valour or hate him for his lies?

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