Tuesday, December 29, 2015

FREE ebook - Shadow Hunter

If you haven't read Shadow Hunter yet, here's your chance. For a few days only this 65kish ebook is FREE!! This was my very first completed novel, one which I'd written mostly to put into competitions to hone my craft. It's raw and gritty, and a bit different I think to how I write today. If you get to read it, I'd love to know your thoughts! Here's the blurb:

 When Altair, king of the vampires, leaves behind his queen Kyra to become a despised vampire-werewolf hybrid, his shadow hunter wife becomes his biggest enemy.
But what Kyra doesn’t count on is the attraction still burning hot between them and on Altair’s final act of betrayal. To save her life, he forces her to drink his blood…and turns her into his own kind. A despised hybrid.
Shadow hunters now too become her enemy. But she soon learns Altair isn't the only man willing to protect her from her once vampire comrades.
When the time comes to choose between her two fierce protectors will she follow her head … or her heart?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Release: Selena's Bodyguard!

So excited for the release of Selena's Bodyguard! On sale for 0.99c at Amazon itunes and all other great ebook retailers! This is my Christmas release book with a difference, also available in the Christmas Assortment Box with best selling authors, Robyn Grady, Sara Hantz, T.M. Clark and Tabbitha Robbins!

Selena MacShaw’s presidential mother was killed on Christmas day, but Selena is not afraid to live her own life. She wants to settle in the Australian Outback and stop running from her mother’s enemies.
After his army buddies died in a mission gone wrong, ex Special Forces, Dallas Anderson, accepts an offer from Selena’s father. Dallas is Selena’s undercover bodyguard in the guise of a head stockman. But when Dallas’ secret is exposed, will Selena love him for his valour or hate him for his lies?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Down and Dusty!

Australia’s hottest writers writing in Australia’s hottest subgenre…
They say that no one has secrets in a small town—these women prove them wrong.
Eight brand-new stories from some of Australia’s hottest writers in Australia’s hottest genre. From the bar stools of the local pub to the wide open plains of the biggest stations in the world, these tales travel the dusty roads to the heart of Australia and the women who understand how to work hard—and play even harder.
In the latest in the wildly successful Secret Confessions series from Escape Publishing, the women of Down & Dusty invite you into their lives—and their bedrooms.
All stories available for pre-order now.
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

No Other Option

I really feel like I have no other option now than to delete all my Ellora's Cave books from my blog and website. Believe it or not, EC authors are NOT getting paid, and haven't been for a VERY long time. It's frustrating and disgusting and many other words I won't put up - but authors too have bills to pay, kids to feed, uni fees to find and Christmas looming just around the corner.
I think there may be a special kind of place for people who do this to their 'employees' but I won't be reduced to slandering and name calling and everything else that has been going on by a certain someone...

my original cover before it became "Scratch" for EC

Latest Writing Update

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd do a quick fill-in of where I'm at with my writing at the moment. I...