Monday, October 31, 2016

FREE for a limited time LADY IN RED

So excited to announce the first in my VIP Desire Agency books is now FREE for a limited time.

Bullied and battered as a child, Kate Matthews grows up and transforms herself into beautiful and confident, Brandy Alexander, a sexy, high-class call girl. With a select number of rich and successful clients and a jaw dropping income, Kate feels like she’s living her dream being desired and bedded by some of Australia’s most powerful and influential men. But she has one rule. Don’t fall in love. Except the more time she spends with her favorite client Blaine Waymann, the more she fears he might be the one man who could topple the perfect world she’s built.
Billionaire philanthropist Blaine Waymann is determined to break Kate’s rule. He wants exclusive rights to Brandy and Kate, in bed and out, and is willing to risk everything to win her body and her trust. But when Kate starts opening her heart to Blaine, she faces an agonizing decision. Run like she always does, or stay with the man she not only lusts after, but loves.

"Wow, what a book by Mel Teshco! Lady in Red is a hot, spicy read about a high-priced call girl Kate AKA "Brandy" who has childhood issues that hinders her to trust in people. Kate is very content with her life as a call girl and making top money pleasuring men. Blaine is a billionaire who has wanted Kate since he first saw her. Blaine wants to make Kate his own. This book is about Kate and Blaine's journey to reach a HEA and has it all, hot sex, romance, the exploration of the life of a call girl, emotions, very interesting secondary characters and love. Check it out, I enjoyed this book and I am sure you will too if you like steamy, spicier books. Looking forward to reading more by Mel Teshco!"

5 stars, Cindy Hamilton

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