Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Latest News and Cover Reveal!

Well I've had a great couple of weeks, with a contract signed with Totally Bound for Existence, and a book cover for Exclusive through Tule - the third book in my VIP Desire Agency series. (I'll reveal it soon)
It's all happening!!
I've also finished writing Baron, which had quite the funny tone to it, right along with the danger and action my dragons get up to.
So there will be three books releasing in the next few months! YAY!!!! What will you choose? A vampire, a dragon, or a contemporary read about a call girl?? Why not all three? lol!!
On other news, I'm now busy working on my next sheikh story, in the boxed set, Taken by the Desert Sheikh. My story's title is The Sheikh's Rebel. I love working with Christina Phillips and Cathleen Ross, and can't wait for this one to get out into the world too! :)
Happy Reading Everyone!

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