Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Release! EXISTENCE

So thrilled my hot paranormal vampire story is out today!! And through my new publisher Totally Bound. Loved writing a vampire villain and the hero and heroine who escape and outwit him! :)

Escaping the nest of their vampire master is an amazing triumph. Surviving will be the greatest challenge of all.


I’ve been a blood slave to my vampire master for forty-six years. My rare blood makeup gives my master the perfect nutrition. My addiction to the couple of drops he feeds me in return ensures I have no compulsion to leave. I’m a willing blood donor, an immortal slave. Then my master brings yet another blood slave to his nest, and I can’t tear my eyes away from her.


I can’t believe I’ve been kidnapped. I definitely can’t believe vampires are real. But I soon learn they’re not just real, they’re cold and brutal, and will do anything for their bloodlust. Everything within me burns to escape, and if I have to use the other blood slave to do just that, I will. If I’m all too quickly seeing past his addiction and good looks to the man beneath, that’s just too bad. Survival is my focus. Love and desire have no place in this nightmare I’m living. Do they?

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