Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cover Reveal: No Ordinary Gift

This is a beautiful story, wonderfully written with so much depth and sincerity. It made me cry, it made me ache, and it made my heart almost burst. Sue Allen's poetry is gorgeous. Mel Teshco and Kylie Sheaffe have created a heart-warming story of such beauty, Thank you. ~ Miss Catherine Evans

I'm so chuffed with this new cover for No Ordinary Gift, (Believe) and at around 100k (a long novel) it's a steal at only 2.99 - this is definitely the biggest novel I've ever written (co-written with Kylie Sheaffe) and probably one of the most gut-wrenching and emotional too. A big thank you to Soul Mate Publishing for this gorgeous cover :)

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Josie Bowheart has only ever wanted to be normal. Instead she’s highly sensitive and overwhelmed by visions and dreams, and obsessed by spirits who need her.

But if normal means living the same lie as her genius brother and doctor, James, she’ll gladly stay just the way she is. First she has to convince James to believe in his own sensitivities and open his eyes to his destiny before it’s too late … because ordinary isn’t a word that serves either one of them.

Can James let go of his fears and his growing drug addiction that suppress his mind and keep him numb to the truth … and finally accept the gift that is his birthright?

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