Thursday, August 19, 2021

Upcoming Contemporary Sheikh Romance Series

Don't forget The Sheikh's Runaway Bride is up for pre-order now for a steal at 2.99, with the second book in the series also going up for pre-order soon. I hope to have the first THREE up before the end of the year. (Yes, it's that close to Christmas already lol!!) For a short time these will all be available in Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon. But for those who saw the links to other sites, don't worry I still intend to put them up there too at a later date :)

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She craves her freedom. He craves her permanently in his bed.

Sheikha Arabelle only wants to live a normal life in England on her own terms, with her strict Middle Eastern heritage a distant memory. Then her only brother dies in a freak accident, leaving her father and their country of Lumana vulnerable. Until her father secures an arranged marriage between Arabelle and Mahindar, the celebrated Sheikh of Rajhabi. But although she is forced to marry Mahindar, her husband can never force her to love matter his wealth, his good looks and his skill in bed.

Can Sheikh Mahindar prove to his bride that she can be happy as his wife? Turning his country, Rajhabi, from war torn and destitute to the richest and most peaceful reign in known history seems like child's play compared to convincing his stubborn wife to give their marriage a chance. But he'll do whatever is necessary to change her mind and win her heart.

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