Thursday, October 28, 2021

Book Cover Reveal and Pre-order

So happy that The Sheikh's Captive Lover - book 2 of the Desert King's Alliance series - is up for pre-order now! Each of these books are standalone reads but will probably be more enjoyable to read the series and uncover each of the four sheikh friends love stories :)

*warning* This sheikh book is a bit different to your normal sheikh reads. I hope you all enjoy it! Oh, and it's available in Kindle Unlimited for a short time :)

 A sheikh wishing for anonymity. A photographer wishing for great success.

As a freelance photographer Holly Petersen has never shied away from hard work and a little risk. But traveling alone in the desert in a clunky sedan definitely isn’t her best idea. Not when her car breaks down and she’s stranded on a goat track in the middle of nowhere with only sand dunes for company.

Until a ruffian on a camel appears from nowhere like an angel from heaven. A pity he’s no angel. He’s an inebriated devil who expects her complete obedience if she wants to be saved. And staying alone in the desert with little hope of rescue is too much of a risk, even for her.

Hamid Al Wahed was never meant to be the sheikh of his small but prosperous country. That had been his older brother’s life ambition before his sudden death thrust Hamid into the role of leader. Having an unlimited supply of booze and women might be its one saving grace, but even that doesn’t stop him from craving the solitude he needs by camping out in the desert.

It’s there that he stumbles upon a western woman with bright red hair, a death wish and no survival skills, and he realizes he craves even more from his life. And that more is Holly. But first he has to coax her into staying with the fake him…the anonymous savage she imagines he really is.

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