Monday, May 16, 2022

pre-order The Sheikh's Forbidden Wife


Excited that the 3rd book in the Desert Kings Alliance series - The Sheikh's Forbidden Wife - is up for pre-order now, with it releasing at the end of this month. YAY!!! I've had so much fun with this book and series, with the stories almost writing themselves. I hope you guys love them too. They are up on KU or available for 2.99 from Amazon :)

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She chose to escape a future of tyranny. He has no choice but to take her as his wife.

Sheikha Yasmine Al-Fasih will do anything to escape her soon-to-be-arranged marriage to a vile man older than her father. If that means sleeping with esteemed guest—Sheikh Jamal Qadir—and forcing his hand in marriage, then so be it. Better to live with the mistrust of a fair man than to endure a life with a brutal despot.

Sheikh Jamal is grateful that his routine business trip to discuss trade with his neighboring country’s leader, Sheikh Zameer, is almost over. A quick overnight stay and he’ll be on his way. But on finding a blonde bombshell asleep in his bed all tiredness fades away. Zameer clearly knows Jamal’s taste in women.

When it turns out Yasmine is Sheikh Zameer’s virginal daughter—not one of his many harem women—Jamal is gutted. He’s been setup! Yasmine is forbidden fruit and he took a bite.

There is only one way now to repair the damage. He has to marry the girl. But it doesn’t mean he has to like her. A pity fate always finds a way to have the last laugh.

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