Friday, January 12, 2024

Coming Soon... Winning Offer


Winning Offer releases at the end of next month - 29th of February. This is part of the Bachelor Brothers of Sydney and will be sold wide. I hope you enjoy it :)

Will saving her father’s crumbling estate cost her everything?

Liam Black hides a sensitive side. If losing his parents was a tragedy, then finding out his father had been unfaithful to his wife—Liam’s mother—is a tragedy Liam can’t even begin to process.  It leaves him questioning everything he’s ever known. If his parents’ happy marriage was a sham, what hope has he got to find a woman to love and settle down with? Not even his two brothers’ happy relationships can convince him otherwise. Then he sees the fearless, gorgeous woman on stage at a once yearly charity auction—a woman he met once and can’t stop thinking about—and despite his cynicism, his heart is lost.

Harper Franks isn’t going to let a little pre-auction nerves get to her now. Not if it means snaring the billionaire sheikh she hopes to attract. She’ll do anything to pay the debts inherited from her father and rebuild his bed and breakfast. What she doesn’t expect is for Liam to outbid the sheikh with a figure that surely not even an infamous Black brother can afford? So why don’t her financial woes seem half as bad when she’s in his arms? She’ll just have to figure out some other way to save her inheritance, because there is no way in hell she’ll add to Liam’s burden with her own problems.

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